you can hide the Earth behind your thumb

We learned a lot about the Moon, but what we really learned was about the Earth. The fact that just from the distance of the Moon, you can put your thumb up, and you can hide the Earth behind your thumb. Everything that you have ever known, your loved ones, your business, the problems of the Earth itself, all behind your thumb. And how insignificant we really all are. But then how fortunate we are to have this body, and to be able to enjoy living here amongst the beauty of the Earth itself.

-Jim Lovell from In the Shadow of the Moon

Jon and I watched this documentary the other night and this quote really hit me. The news lately is all about democrat nominee this and china earthquake that and war over there. And to hear this quote and really take a step back and look at my “problems”, other people’s “issues”, the world’s “conflicts”…and hear me, I know a lot of those things are valid. Sudan, Myanmar, so many others hurting and crying out….I guess I’m just trying to take a step back and remember just how insignificant my “problems” are.

Seeing the earth floating there…it just reminds me of how delicate we are. It’s just something good to think on often. Definitely humbling.


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I'm a naturally-minded homeschool mom with a knack for acquiring overdue library fees. Follow along for our crazy shenanigans against the mainstream current.

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  1. Hey Bre,

    So are you still using your Mac Blog, or just WordPress. Little confused. I posted a comment on your Mac one, did you get it. Let me know which blog you will use most often, and I will link to that.


  2. Ken Taylor (dad)

    Another take on “insignificant” The earth is the only planet that we know of that can sustain us humans. I don’t think it is an accident that it is placed at just the right distance from our sun to keep us alive. (not too hot and not too cold) I believe God created our planet with us in mind and placed us here for His glory. It is true that we could be insignificant relative to the rest of the universe and to God’s glory and being but relative to His plan and love for us and His desire to have an intimate relationship with Him, I think we all are very significant.

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