Monthly Archives: June 2008

6 months…Yay!!!

So, Saturday, was our 6 month wedding anniversary. So fun!! :)

We didn’t really do much but continued working on our house because selling our house will be the ultimate anniversary gift and we’re hoping it sells before our one year comes around.

I came home from work last week and said, “Hey babe, let’s redo the office…pair it down some.” And my loving husband said, “ok.” I think we both that it’d be a one, two-day re-do…well, pretty much one week later, we’re finally done. But it looks show-ready.  We’ll re-list the house this week so please keep us in your prayers. We’re going way lower on the price in hopes that we’ll sell quickly. Then we’ll save, save, save and buy a fixer-upper in about 6 months or so.


But, the coolest part of this week was seeing an early screening of Wall-E last Monday. It was so good!! Jon and I have been wanting to see it for months, ever since the adorable trailer came out. We begged our friend, Matt Mungle, who is an awesome film critic to get us some extra seats and he totally hooked us up. Then, inspired by our love for the movie (and each other ;-)), Jon made a fun anniversary present for me. Check it out!


HaHa!! Love it! (As far as the baby-arp part, there’s really no explanation…just our goofiness) Well, sorry I haven’t updated our blog in a while. It’s just been busy for us both at work and then continuing to get the house ready again. The summer’s only going to get busier but it will be fun as well. Haven’t had any comments in a while…how is everyone else doing?!? :)


Much love!


Four words: Coldplay's Viva La Vida




Well, the long-awaited fourth CD is out and Coldplay provided a rich album yet again. I love it. Viva La Vida is my favorite song but I’ve also had a longer time to listen to it as it was pre-released. 


Other than the cloud 9 I’m on with the CD release, Jon and I are just recuperating from Transform last weekend. It went extremely well at all 3 campus locations and we still have two more dates (July 12 and Aug 2nd). I’ll post some pictures from that really soon. In the meantime, please be praying for our house to sell. We are still planning to meet with a friend from Starbuck’s and her and her husband are really interested. This would be so great if it works out!!


Much love!


Weekend o' Gardening

So I know I just posted about veggie planting but this past weekend we decided to focus on the front yard since things were getting a little out of hand. (Plus we might have another open house soon) Anyway, long story short, you’re getting a gardening blog. :)

One of the trees in our front garden area was too Christmas-y (I think it’s a juniper or something) so we pulled that out and went shopping to Home Depot for some new plants.

We found some new Japanese maples at Home Depot. (I’m in that photo somewhere.) We barely fit them in the jeep and then came home and planted them the next evening. Our rosemary was taking over everything so I trimmed those down as I raced the clock against the sprinklers. They were set to go off at 9:15 but I finished just in time so I stayed dry. :) Phew!

And, poor Jon, he finally had a beautiful red tomato almost ripe for pickin’ and a bird came in and had a tomato feast by the end of the day. :( Here it is after being feasted upon.

Yikes! I guess it’s better than the salmonella stuff going on.


Anyway, we had fun and stayed decently cool by doing most of the work after 8 every night. Next weekend will be crazy but fun with Transform, The Village‘s summer service project. Check it out!

Here’s the before and afters:




Minor changes but we think it’s looking better. :)

Please keep our house sale in your prayers. We have a family that’s interested and we wouldn’t have to pay any realtor fees. It’s been a really cool way that God has orchestrated it and we hope it continues with a sale, Lord willing. :)

Hope everyone’s doing good!

Vroom, vroom….

So we had a good weekend. Friday night we had some friends over for dinner and played games. Jon had never played Clue which is one of my favorites and he ended up winning! (Beginner’s luck! ;-)) 

Then, we played Crazy 8’s (basically Uno but with a regular deck of cards). That was mucho fun too. :) My friend, Amanda, lives in Dallas so we invited her to stay over so she wouldn’t have to drive back late which was a good idea b/c we didn’t finish playing until about 2 am. Saturday morning, dad and Jackie came over for breakfast and Jon helped them cut down some of their cabinetry to fit their new microwave and oven while I slept off a sinus headache. :(  Both Jon and I get sinus headaches pretty regularly but with some co-advil and a little nap we can usually knock them out quickly.

Sunday was more resting for me and Jon worked up at IBC most of the day. Overall a fun weekend but the highlight may just be my first motorcycle ride ever. It took some coercing but I finally jumped on and we rode down the street and back. I know, lame, but those things scare me! Anyway, it’s the only thing I have pics of for this past weekend so I’m posting them. (Check out the mac daddy stud in picture 3) Also, my first photo shoot was last Friday of Andrea and Lee’s cute son Luke. You can check those out on my photo blog. Hope everyone is doing well!!