Vroom, vroom….

So we had a good weekend. Friday night we had some friends over for dinner and played games. Jon had never played Clue which is one of my favorites and he ended up winning! (Beginner’s luck! ;-)) 

Then, we played Crazy 8’s (basically Uno but with a regular deck of cards). That was mucho fun too. :) My friend, Amanda, lives in Dallas so we invited her to stay over so she wouldn’t have to drive back late which was a good idea b/c we didn’t finish playing until about 2 am. Saturday morning, dad and Jackie came over for breakfast and Jon helped them cut down some of their cabinetry to fit their new microwave and oven while I slept off a sinus headache. :(  Both Jon and I get sinus headaches pretty regularly but with some co-advil and a little nap we can usually knock them out quickly.

Sunday was more resting for me and Jon worked up at IBC most of the day. Overall a fun weekend but the highlight may just be my first motorcycle ride ever. It took some coercing but I finally jumped on and we rode down the street and back. I know, lame, but those things scare me! Anyway, it’s the only thing I have pics of for this past weekend so I’m posting them. (Check out the mac daddy stud in picture 3) Also, my first photo shoot was last Friday of Andrea and Lee’s cute son Luke. You can check those out on my photo blog. Hope everyone is doing well!!


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