6 months…Yay!!!

So, Saturday, was our 6 month wedding anniversary. So fun!! :)

We didn’t really do much but continued working on our house because selling our house will be the ultimate anniversary gift and we’re hoping it sells before our one year comes around.

I came home from work last week and said, “Hey babe, let’s redo the office…pair it down some.” And my loving husband said, “ok.” I think we both that it’d be a one, two-day re-do…well, pretty much one week later, we’re finally done. But it looks show-ready.  We’ll re-list the house this week so please keep us in your prayers. We’re going way lower on the price in hopes that we’ll sell quickly. Then we’ll save, save, save and buy a fixer-upper in about 6 months or so.


But, the coolest part of this week was seeing an early screening of Wall-E last Monday. It was so good!! Jon and I have been wanting to see it for months, ever since the adorable trailer came out. We begged our friend, Matt Mungle, who is an awesome film critic to get us some extra seats and he totally hooked us up. Then, inspired by our love for the movie (and each other ;-)), Jon made a fun anniversary present for me. Check it out!


HaHa!! Love it! (As far as the baby-arp part, there’s really no explanation…just our goofiness) Well, sorry I haven’t updated our blog in a while. It’s just been busy for us both at work and then continuing to get the house ready again. The summer’s only going to get busier but it will be fun as well. Haven’t had any comments in a while…how is everyone else doing?!? :)


Much love!



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I'm a naturally-minded homeschool mom with a knack for acquiring overdue library fees. Follow along for our crazy shenanigans against the mainstream current.

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  1. i was blog stalking while i was bored at work and came across yours. you just made my night! i have wanted to see that movie 4EVER! i am going to have to go soon…thanks for the review!

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