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Ingredients for a relaxing, fun Saturday:

2 cups of sleepin’ in
5 biscuits and gravy
3 pieces of bacon
3 scrambled eggs
2 homemade delicious lattes
A few hours of HGTV
1 1/2 hours of napping
3 loads of laundry (b/c there’s always laundry)

Mix together at 76 degrees (indoors at least), 102 outside. Add some dinner at Posado’s and some ice cream with family.

Voilà! 2 servings of fun. :)





Updating to Update

Yes, I’m at work, blogging. But I’m also eating lunch, answering the phones, and answering emails all at the same time. Talented, I know. So here’s some updates to…well, update the blog. I’m kind of copying Lauren a bit plus I feel like we need an update but don’t have a specific topic or celebrity look-alike thing to bore you with. ;-)

1.) House – still for sale

*sigh* There are only four words to sum up our house situation: Trust in the Lord. We’ve had a few showings and they’ve all given positive reviews “Great showing, house clean and well managed” but it’s not fitting their needs. It just further reminds us that the Lord will bring the right people for the house…and on his timing.

In the meantime, we will continue to watch Wipeout and laugh our booties off. (Seriously, it’s hilarious!)

2.) Transform rocks

Transform is going great this summer. It’s a summer service project that partners up with local schools in the DFW area and works alongside the community to better their schools. But the main purpose is to springboard people into mentoring the students at the school. Our volunteers are awesome and kids are serving the community with their parents and it’s just great!

Here are some pics!

We had such great volunteers! Look at them!

These guys peeled paint off this wall all day long!! Poor things!

The kids did an awesome job!!!

And then a few stylin’ pics that I love. (Our photographers did so good!)

Lockers that we painted

My fave shot!

3.) Jon and I are getting psyched about our Cali trip next month. When we went last September so I could meet his family, it was only a weekend trip so it flew by so fast. We’ll be there for about a week and then take about 4 or 5 days to drive home. That’s right! Road trip! We’re going to Yosemite, Vegas, Grand Canyon, and more so it will be a lot of fun.

"Get Smarter" and "Die Harder"!!

Inspired by Lauren‘s blog, we decided to find out who our celebrity twins were. :)