California: Day 3, 4, and 5




Sorry the last post was so rushed. We were on our way out the door for a memorial service for Jon’s grandpa in Modesto. It was a beautiful service and Jon got to see more of his family that he hadn’t seen in a while and that I had not yet met. Most of the day was getting there, setting everything up, tearing down, and then getting back to Camino. Once we got back, we all rested for a little bit and then Ken, Linda, Jon and I watched The Other Boleyn Girl. Amazing movie! We already love Natalie Portman but, man, she was really great in this. I’m really surprised I didn’t hear more about about the movie or her acting when it was out in theaters. But, anyway, we watched that and then a mystery movie and then headed to bed.

Monday was a lazy day. Yay!!! We’d been going non-stop since we landed on Friday so it was nice to just rest and relax and spend time with his family. Jon and I went down into Placerville to the chiropractor because my neck was really hurting and I didn’t get a chance to go before we left. We both were feeling better after that and then we came back to the house and watched some TV with Ken and Linda. Then Tessa and the whole Friar gang had us over for dinner. It was fun to hang out with them and see their garden they’ve been working on. They’ve got a lot of great stuff growing well and 8 chickens on their way there that they will start feeding and growing. Fun! or should I say cheep cheep!! Which will then make groceries cheap cheap!! Brilliant!

Happy Birthday Babe!!

Happy Birthday Babe!!

As for day 5, today, (also Jon and Ken’s birthday) we went quad riding up near Lake Tahoe in Eldorado National Park. It was beautiful!!! The weather was just perfect…cool but not too cold, warm but not hot. The clouds cleared out by the time we got there and the air just smelled so fresh and crisp. Here’s some pics:

The ATVs resting while we ate lunch

The ATVs resting while we ate lunch

View from our lunch spot

View from our lunch spot

California Off-Roadin'

California Off-Roadin

We’re heading ‘down the hill’ on Wednesday to hang out with Chris and Janelle and their 4 kids Wed night then leave for Yosemite early Thursday. :) So excited! :)


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  1. It looks beautiful! Tomorrow I will be all alone in your “office”… sad! =(

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