Long Way Home

Well, we finally got home to Keller on Wed AM and pretty much rested and relaxed all day which was great. We headed back to word today and it was great to see everyone. It was a great amount of vacation time to get away, really rest and let go and then feel energized to come back and get back into the work zone. :)

Just wanted to share some more photos from the trip from our iPhones:







Chris (Jon's bro) and Ken (Jon's Dad) at Round Table Pizza

Chris (Jon's brother) and Ken (Jon's dad) at Round Table Pizza





Hastin (Chris' 2nd oldest) at Pei Wei

Hastin (Chris' 2nd oldest) at Pei Wei


Me eating an orange

Me eating an orange

Yummy food at Pasto's

Yummy food at Pasto

Isn’t he such a cutie!?!?!



and Happy Birthday Jon month concludes :)


About Bre

I'm a naturally-minded homeschool mom with a knack for acquiring overdue library fees. Follow along for our crazy shenanigans against the mainstream current.

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  1. Hello BreJon………….

    Have you been to San Francisco lately, or ever?

    Meet me there around April 30 to May 2, 2009 as I attend the American Institute of Architects national convention.

    We’ll talk more.


    Your new cell phone mail box is not set up yet as of 12/15/2008

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