Monthly Archives: October 2008

All packed up

Well, life has been crazy. Work has been super busy. We have Halloween Outreach coming up, a Missions Appreciation Dinner, and then Thanksgiving planning has started already. I’ve been having a ton of sinus headaches which I guess means I have a sinus infection. No fun. :( But other than that, we’re doing good. Eric and Cassie are the sweetest and are letting us stay with them until we move to Cali. Jon finished packing up the SAM perfectly. I mean, perfectly!!



Now, THAT'S full!

Now, THAT'S full!!!

My good friend, Amber Jones, became Amber Elliott last week and the wedding was beautiful!! I was proud to be one of her bridesmaids and Jon was there as well to show our support and love for her and Jason. They’re so sweet. I was also finally able to post her bridal portraits that I took. You can click over to my photography blog to see a few of my fave shots. Jon and I are going to WF soon to visit family and get some of our own family portraits done with my mom and Eddie. Work for Jon is going well, especially since he has the brand new macbook so he is super excited about that. :)


Other than that, we’re just trying to spend time with friends and family and get ready to move. I’ll try and update again soon.


Much love!!