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Happy Thanksgiving and Viva la Vida

Just wanted to share a news story from the Denton Record Chronicle. The Thanksgiving meal went well and hundreds of our volunteers came out and hundreds of people were fed and enjoyed each other’s company. 

Last week, DJ (my replacement – he and his adorable wife Courtney get to work together now :))and I met one of our volunteers to pick up the Sam’s order for the food. Talk about a lot of food~ We were able to fill up a trailer, truck bed, and cab with everything.



Last year we had to get a rental truck. Members donated turkeys, pies, and rolls. Needless to say, it’s a lot of food but thanks to over 400 volunteers, it all got cooked and over 2100 people enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner together.

The Lord is so faithful!! I hope your Thanksgiving was a blessed one as well. :)


Jon and I also went to the Coldplay concert last week which was awesome! :) We had floor seats which I thought would be great but not with a 6 1/2 foot man in front of me and a drunk guy to my left. But despite our surroundings the concert was great. Here’s a few pics of us waiting for it to start…Jon played his iPhone game, I napped, and then we enjoyed the concert. :)





We’re in WF now and head out Sunday for Albuquerque and we’ll start updating on our trip soon.



Much love!



life, liberty, and our fading heritage?


Finish this statement:

“Life, liberty, and __________________________”





Know it??

It’s “the pursuit of happiness.”


How much do you really know about our rights and history of this country? Sadly, not a lot of citizens know and, wait for it, an even lower number of elected officials know!!

How much do you know?? ISI, Intercollegiate Studies Institute, made a Civic Literacy Test as part of their American Civic Literacy Program. The results are depressingly shocking. See how you do by clicking the link below and visit their site to read about their findings, statistics on answers, and more.


Take the quiz at

I didn’t do too bad but I definitely need to brush up. Jon? He got a 72%.  We scored between a Master’s and Doctorate’s level average score.



SO, how’d you do??? Did you rock it?? or did you eat it?


What can we all do from here????


While earning a bachelor’s degree increases civic knowledge more than any other single factor (+6.9% on the test), the civic knowledge gained from engaging in frequent conversations about public affairs, reading about current events and history, and participating in more involved civic activities is greater than the gain from a bachelor’s degree alone.

  • Frequently discussing public affairs and history with family and friends adds 5.5% to a respondent’s score on the civic literacy test.
  • Reading about history and current events in books, magazines, and newspapers for an average of 15 hours per week adds 1.5% to a respondent’s score.
  • Americans who make habits of both frequently conversing about public affairs and history and also reading about these subjects for an average of 15 hours per week increase their civic knowledge by 7%—slightly more than the 6.9% gained from earning a college degree.
  • More involved political activities (beyond merely voting)—such as attending a political rally, giving money to a political campaign, signing a petition, or publishing a letter to the editor—are also associated with higher test scores. A respondent’s score increases by 1.7% for each one of these activities. This finding corroborates a key finding of ISI’s previous civic literacy surveys that greater learning about America goes hand-in-hand with more active citizenship.
  • Twenty-four-hour cable news channels are not a boon to civic knowledge. Respondents lose 0.08% on their test score for each hour they spend each week watching TV news programs and documentaries.
  • Electronic media is not all bad. Active use of the Internet is positively correlated with higher test scores. Respondents who frequently explore social networking sites such as Facebook and Myspace score higher than respondents who do not.

Section from:


And maybe the most disturbing of it all:




For the love!!!! ;-)  Just had to share.  PS – Post your score in the comments. Don’t be shy! We all have a lot to learn!

Friends, Starbucks, and Volvos

So, since we’re leaving in 2 weeks (ahhhhhhh!!! 2 weeks!!!!!), Jon and I have been trying to spend as much time as we can with friends and family. It’s been so great but also really hard. I was so excited to be moving closer to the church and closer to friends but at the same time it will make leaving even harder. But it’s definitely bittersweet. We’re sad to leave our dear friends and my family but also excited for what is ahead…Jon’s business, seeing his family, California landscape. But overall I’m just most excited to really cleave to Jon’s side and start our own adventures together. I love watching him work on his new business stuff and hear his ideas and enthusiasm. I love being his cheerleader and encouraging and praying for him…not that I can’t do that here in TX but there’s something about this move that is just painting this picture of marriage more clearly for me.
Anyway, I’m excited. :) 

So, since we’re leaving our jobs and about to be essentially living out of our car (ok just for a week while we drive to CA), Jon has been monitoring Quicken and our bank account even more. As I napped peacefully on Sunday, Jon worked up a little chart of our expenditures at a certain local “watering hole” we frequent. He waited so patiently until I woke up then proceeded to enlighten me to those expenditures. Let’s just say our contributions to the Starbucks company doubled in one month. What changed from Sept to Oct? We moved out of our Keller house and stopped using our cappuccino maker. Isn’t that crazy? It’s pathetic I know but it’s been challenging to keep up that routine of the lattes at home and making lunches for work. But looking at a chart like that really inspires you to get back into a routine. ;-) Thanks babe for keeping us on track. :)

Sorry Starbuck’s, we’re going to have to cut back on our visits:

Sad Coffee Cake

Sad Coffee Cake


And continuing the money talk, we got a new ride. Correction: new used ride. We knew we wanted to turn the truck in before we moved and decided it’d prob be cheaper to buy in TX. So we found a great deal on a Volvo XC 90 which we love. Her name is Victoria (and yes, I name my car and laptop) I’m quirky and you should all know this by now :) Anyway, she’s a good, very safe car that we hope to grow into for the next 10+ years. Here’s me freaking out as we’re signing the paperwork.

Lots of dotted lines to sign on

Lots of dotted lines to sign on

Idn't she purty?

Idn't she purty?

Jon, me and Victoria the Volvo

Jon, me and Victoria the Volvo


Some other exciting news is that Jon’s business logo and name has been solidified.

Meet   simplified-logo-3


Thank you to our good friend Jon Simpson and his company for their help! :)