Friends, Starbucks, and Volvos

So, since we’re leaving in 2 weeks (ahhhhhhh!!! 2 weeks!!!!!), Jon and I have been trying to spend as much time as we can with friends and family. It’s been so great but also really hard. I was so excited to be moving closer to the church and closer to friends but at the same time it will make leaving even harder. But it’s definitely bittersweet. We’re sad to leave our dear friends and my family but also excited for what is ahead…Jon’s business, seeing his family, California landscape. But overall I’m just most excited to really cleave to Jon’s side and start our own adventures together. I love watching him work on his new business stuff and hear his ideas and enthusiasm. I love being his cheerleader and encouraging and praying for him…not that I can’t do that here in TX but there’s something about this move that is just painting this picture of marriage more clearly for me.
Anyway, I’m excited. :) 

So, since we’re leaving our jobs and about to be essentially living out of our car (ok just for a week while we drive to CA), Jon has been monitoring Quicken and our bank account even more. As I napped peacefully on Sunday, Jon worked up a little chart of our expenditures at a certain local “watering hole” we frequent. He waited so patiently until I woke up then proceeded to enlighten me to those expenditures. Let’s just say our contributions to the Starbucks company doubled in one month. What changed from Sept to Oct? We moved out of our Keller house and stopped using our cappuccino maker. Isn’t that crazy? It’s pathetic I know but it’s been challenging to keep up that routine of the lattes at home and making lunches for work. But looking at a chart like that really inspires you to get back into a routine. ;-) Thanks babe for keeping us on track. :)

Sorry Starbuck’s, we’re going to have to cut back on our visits:

Sad Coffee Cake

Sad Coffee Cake


And continuing the money talk, we got a new ride. Correction: new used ride. We knew we wanted to turn the truck in before we moved and decided it’d prob be cheaper to buy in TX. So we found a great deal on a Volvo XC 90 which we love. Her name is Victoria (and yes, I name my car and laptop) I’m quirky and you should all know this by now :) Anyway, she’s a good, very safe car that we hope to grow into for the next 10+ years. Here’s me freaking out as we’re signing the paperwork.

Lots of dotted lines to sign on

Lots of dotted lines to sign on

Idn't she purty?

Idn't she purty?

Jon, me and Victoria the Volvo

Jon, me and Victoria the Volvo


Some other exciting news is that Jon’s business logo and name has been solidified.

Meet   simplified-logo-3


Thank you to our good friend Jon Simpson and his company for their help! :)


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I'm a naturally-minded homeschool mom with a knack for acquiring overdue library fees. Follow along for our crazy shenanigans against the mainstream current.

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  1. Awww….such a sad Starbucks coffee cake…so funny.
    Love the new ride. VERY pretty.

  2. oh Valentine that’s so exciting! And your car is so purty!

    I am so thankful that Jon is helping keep you both on track money wise. I pray that during the move you both rely on each other for that and trust that it’s possible :) I am going to miss you terribly, but you’re comfort in knowing you have to go makes me so happy for you.

    See you soon, Valentine!

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