Viruses, Sinus Infections, and Pink Eye…oh my

Pink eye in my right eye

Pink eye in my right eye


Pink eye in both of Jon's eyes :(

Well, as much as we are enjoying California, she’s not been the best to us – health-wise. Before Christmas, I had a virus, then a sinus infection, then both Jon and I got pink eye. NOW, I have a cold (I think) and I brilliantly put my contacts back in my eyes and gave myself pink eye AGAIN.


Oh well, God is good and we are blessed, so I shall stop complaining. We are doing good other than the little health stuff. Jon’s website is up and ready for business. Check it out here at Bookmark it in your browser for any Mac tips. He’ll update it often with tips and tricks. Didn’t he do such a good job!? :) And I’m still working on my photography site but check it out and bookmark it too if you’d like:

We’re heading to San Francisco this week for MacWorld. Yes!!!!!! It’s my first time to San Francisco and both Jon and I’s first time to MacWorld which will be fun. Once we’re back, I’ll start working (almost full-time) at a church doing video work which will be great. Jon’s starting to cold call some clients and handing out his cards. Please keep him and I in your prayers – that Jon finds a good amount of clients, that my health would return so I can start work and begin growing my photography business, that we be diligent with our money to honor God and save, save, save. :)

I haven’t really felt home-sick yet…just people-sick. I miss my family and friends but still feel so blessed to be here serving alongside Jon. We’re having fun and my mom has already bought a ticket to visit for my birthday which will be so fun. :) My dad may also be visiting in April or May which will be fun too. I hope everyone is doing great.

Something cool that the neighborhoods do here is luminaries all along the streets. They typically do it on Christmas Eve but it was raining so they postponed it to New Year’s. Here’s a few shots I took:

Luminaries all down the street

Luminaries all down the street



Happy New Year!

Much love!



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I'm a naturally-minded homeschool mom with a knack for acquiring overdue library fees. Follow along for our crazy shenanigans against the mainstream current.

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  1. Oh Valentine, I’m so sorry about your eye :( It looks so miserable! I hope you both get to feeling better.

    I love your pictures…you’re just so talented! I’m sure any pictures you take…ESPECIALLY ones of your friends…are just great ;)

    But seriously, I love your pictures.

    And I love you! We’ll need to plan a trip soon. I miss you too much!

  2. miss you friend! and yay for you working at a new church… that is fun!
    and ps. love the luminaries :)

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