Those Mac-happy Taylors

Jon and I went to MacWorld in San Francisco last week and it was a lot of fun. We stayed with one of Jon’s friends (and groomsmen), Dave, his wife Becky and their adorable family of 5. They adopted a Chinese girl, Cassie, this past year and she’s A-dorable. I took some family pics of them so you can check out my photo blog to see the handsome family. :) Here’s Cassie playing with the Bubbles application on my iPhone. (If you have a toddler and an iPhone, download that app – they love it)




Me, Cassie, and Tegan (yes, that's a rat) :)

And, speaking of photography, Jon and I are working on my photography site as we speak and I’m hoping it can be officially launched by February. In the meantime, I’ve started my new job. Yay!! I’m doing video design for a church in nearby Roseville. I’m so thankful for my training and skills in editing. It is a fun and creative field with good job security. My ultimate goal is to eventually be doing my photography stuff full-time but I’m excited and grateful to be doing video work.

Anyway, back to MacWorld…It’s usually about 3 or 4 days but we only went for one-day visit. There were 2 giant halls filled with booths for mac accessory retailers, software, and anything else remotely related to Apple. It was basically Apple heaven. :) Here’s some pics:





Presentation of iWork '09

Presentation of iWork '09

Me being the female Steve Jobs

Me being the female Steve Jobs

Yummy Fajitas

Yummy Fajitas

It was a lot of fun! Jon’s starting to fish for clients (cold-calling) and he’s got a few leads. Keep praying for him and his business! :) And, to keep with the Mac theme, check out this hilarious “news” report about Apple’s latest products. I know JOn and I are kind of Macaholics but we can poke fun at ’em too. Thanks Bleecker for sharing (via Hipp)!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Apple Introduces Revolutionary New La…“, posted with vodpod

Much love!



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  1. Hey Braree! You are a Mac-happy nerd but that’s why I love you. =D

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