If Jesus had had a dog, it would've been the Bloodhound

 So I was watching the Westminster Dog Show. It’s one of those shows that you are a little embarrassed when you realize just how long you’ve been sitting there watching it. Anyway, it’s funny to hear the commentators talk about all the dogs. This one was my favorite:

“The bloodhound is known for saving little children, campers, hikers, & other lost people.”


It totally would’ve been Jesus’ dog! Am I right or am I right? :)


Anyway, life is good in Cali. I’m still having some sad moments but I would worry if I wasn’t. Jon’s feeling a little under the weather. Chris was sick all weekend so I think Jon may have caught his cold and cough. :( But he’s been resting up and, of course, putting the oil of oregano drops under his tongue. He swears by that stuff and I’m starting to as well. Speaking of herbs and all that, Jon and I have made some appointments with a doctor here in town. He is a natural health doctor that does muscle testing. It’s really cool. We went to a seminar a few weeks ago and he offers free assessments and the thing I need to start working on was my kidneys. So I’m taking Cataplex B which Jon and I affectionately call “kitty-plex”. Jon is taking two supplements – one to help with his sinuses and another for his liver.  So we go back next week for our full appointments. 

My mom teased me before we moved saying I was going to go all hippy on her. This probably seems more hippy-ish but it’s really not. It just makes sense. Our bodies are electrical and, although surgery can be good when needed, there are often many more healthier, natural ways to  handle problems. They are: rest, exercise, good food and nutrients. You’re saying, “uh, hello Bre, we’ve been telling you this for years.” 

I know, I know. I’m not eating all spinach and berries just yet but I’m definitely eating more veggies and fruits and cutting back on sugars. Gasp. Jon’s a good support for me and keeps me in check while still allowing some ben & jerry’s every now and then. :) We’re still not there with the exercise…as in, not exercising at all. And we don’t have an excuse. Chris and Janelle have a treadmill and a bowflex in the garage…we just need to get off our tails and get going. If any of you have some tips or suggestions, let me know! :)


Well, Jon’s home from a job so we’re going to eat some dinner and watch the new CSI: NY. Yes!!! :)


Much love!

J + B

So I’m having some “I miss my girlfriends” moments so allow me a little shout-out to some sweet ladies that I love:


Cindy and me

my mentor, Cindy and me

Amanda and I

Amanda and I



The entitarah (don't ask)

The entitarah (don't ask)




My divas: Paytonia, Valentine, Cassie, and Alli

My divas: Paytonia, Valentine, Cassie, and Alli

And my rock:


My smokin' hot mom

My beautiful mom


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I'm a naturally-minded homeschool mom with a knack for acquiring overdue library fees. Follow along for our crazy shenanigans against the mainstream current.

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  1. The “Kitty-Plex” made me laugh :)

    I miss Valentine time! I love you!

  2. aww I just saw this :)

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