Gig' em and go ROHO!

I’m becoming a once a month blogger which I don’t want to be…I’d like to update more but just get lazy about it. Sorry ’bout that. I think it’s b/c I feel like every post should have pictures and Jon and I don’t walk around taking pictures at every moment. Ok, we prob document life a little more than others but anyway. Last weekend, we went to visit my cousin, Payton, and watch her graduate from A&M. Whoop! She kicked butt and graduated with her Bachelor’s in 3 years. (whereas I took the more laxidasical approach of 5 years). We got to meet her beau, Travis, who officially rocks in our books and just hang out. It was splendiferous seeing Paytonia as I call her and we’re hoping to go back down this fall to attend a game as I’ve heard they’re mucho fun. And my cousin, Zachary, is about to graduate from Rider HS with honors and head out to Texas Tech this fall so make that two football game visits! :) We’re so proud of them both!

Jon’s doing his IT thing at Kinetic and I’m still working part-time. There’s a really good job prospect for a job right up my alley that I’m hoping to get but am still waiting for the next interview. So prayer requests for that! Some exciting news is that the Village is now launching a Dallas campus!! Woohoo! There are sooo many people that come from the Dallas area including ourselves now so it will be exciting to help alleviate the crowd at HV and to be a part of a new campus. I don’t think there’s any info on the website just yet but Matt Chandler has emailed out about it and if you don’t already get his emails, you should sign up. :) Just click on the campus you wish to receive email updates on and go to the bottom right part of the screen and sign up. Here’s a few photos from our weekend in College Station. We went and visited the Bonfire Memorial and it was a beautiful memorial that, I thought, paid tribute to those that died and really evoked the emotions you should feel while visiting. Very simple but meaninful memorial. I have some iPhone-camera photos of that too and a quote from one of the students that was very beautiful.


Check out those red shoes!

Check out those red shoes!






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