The Sprouted Truth ::: part one

Do you ever have one of those “Matrix” moments when you suddenly realize that you’ve been living in a false reality?  It’s the moment of awakening knowledge, that makes your brain say “ah-hah!”  It’s the sudden awareness that life can be better, and you’ve been taught all wrong.

Well, I’ve been having a Matrix moment for the last 6 months, and it all started when Bre and I visited a doctor in California. We were both sick of being sick, and tired of being tired, and needed some help.  I’ve lived long enough now to know that what I eat can really affect every part of me, so we decide to give this doctor a try since he has helped almost half of my family become much healthier than they had been.

At the end of our second appointment we were both told to stop eating wheat.  What? Stop eating wheat?  Are you crazy?  To be honest, I’ve been eating sprouted Ezekial bread for a few years (as toast in the morning), and I love it, but aside from that, I’m a wheat-a-holic, and Bre is no better.  Here is a doctor telling me that eating any kind of unsprouted wheat is a bad thing for us.  Wow.

So I started to ask the obvious question that anyone who believes that God is good would ask. If our Creator, who made the earth for us, and made us to prosper in it, and made the food for us to eat, is a good God and loves me, then why would eating wheat be a bad thing?  Something is wrong with this picture.  So I began to read up.

The funny thing about truth is that it is usually already staring you in the face;  You just don’t have your eyes open to see it.  As I read about wheat and other grains, I began to find out that “earth” people used to eat a lot less grains, and when they did, they almost always allowed them to sprout first before grinding them up to make stuff or culture them with other products to pre-digest them. In fact, many cultures around the world still do this.  Only in Western societies do we grow and consume a “genetically enhanced” wheat that we process and over process and make into light, fluffy, sugary, yummy treats.  It’s not sprouted. It’s not even the ancient wheat that early cultures ate.  It’s mostly just crap in a loaf. And we’ve been taught, thanks to advertising, paid for by companies who push this stuff (well meaning or not), that we need whole grains to be healthy…  History tells us that this is not the case. And the science to back it up has been emerging for the last 125 years.  The problem is the Matrix has already been built, and the people are already happily living inside of it. And now they don’t want to change.

So why is this wheat so bad for me and my wife?  Well, it all has to do with a bit of chemistry and the way our body works. This is where it gets crazy, so hold on. I’m going to try to connect the dots, and provide some references in a second post (part 2 coming soon)..


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