hello friends

What’s the latest and greatest with you??? I seem to have asked that last post but have yet to hear a peep out of a lot of you. tsk tsk ;-) Although, yes, Courtney, we need to update so tsk tsk on us. :)

The latest with us…….drumroll please……………….. I got a job!!!!! Praise the Lord! “Where, Bre, where?”

Uh, the mothership!!!! a.k.a Apple!



We are so excited. :) I’m done with training and am now on the floor. And, no, I can’t get you a discount, and, no, I can’t tell you anything about any Apple rumors b/c I don’t know anything myself. Sorry, but I love my job and I’d like to keep it my job. :) But much love you to you all anyway. :)

Other than that exciting news, we’ve just been paying off more debt (Yes!) and sold our car which eliminates a huge chunk of our debt. Yay!!!!! Then we paid cash for a clunker. That’s Dave Ramsey‘s version of Cash for Clunkers. Heck yeah!! What’d we get? I’m glad you asked. Meet Sylvia the Silver Bullet!


She’s in amazing shape! Her 2 previous owners babied her and have all the maintenance records to prove it. She’s iPod ready and has great AC which makes her Jon and Bre ready. So, thank you for your prayers. We ask that you keep praying for a new renter in our Keller house. We might/should be moving over to the Dallas area soon to be closer to work and the Village’s dallas campus so we’ll update more on that soon.

Stay tuned for a health blog Jon is working on. He’s reading an awesome book called Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. Check it out!! It has tons of great info on proper health that’s worked over the ages and there’s also a ton of recipes.

Much love!

J + B

I didn't even mean to block the whole word but how cool that Bre is showing behind us

I didn't even mean to block the whole word but how cool that my name is behind us?!


About Bre

I'm a naturally-minded homeschool mom with a knack for acquiring overdue library fees. Follow along for our crazy shenanigans against the mainstream current.

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  1. Love the new job uniform – we went Apple at the start of the year so I spend lots of time talking with people dressed like you :-)

    The new car looks great – you should join the Junky Car Club here (http://junkycarclub.com) We did and love the idea behind it (and the fact that it is free)…

  2. courtneyhofmann

    yay update!

  3. congrats on the new job! i know you are pumped!!

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