holy smokes, it's October!

Scratch that…it’s almost halfway through October! Man, this year has gone by fast. At least, in hindsight, it feels that way. Jon and I realized the other day we’ve been back in Texas longer than the length of time we were in California. We miss California and family there and we’re excited to go for a Thanksgiving visit. Thank you to both sets of parents for airline mile and money gifts so that we can visit!! :)

Speaking of moving from Texas to California, we have another family member who made the move recently — Sumatra (or Sumi for short). Sumi is Jon’s brother Chris and his wife Janelle’s dog. (That was hard to word) Anyway, Chris and Janelle moved their family out into the country and a neighbor’s small poodle was picked up by a hawk while the lady was walking it!! Yikes! So they were getting concerned that the country life might be unsafe for Sumi. After a (hopefully) non-traumatic flight to Texas, Jon and I picked up Sumi from DFW and she’s grown accustomed to “the city life” quite well.

Sumi is being "all ears"

Sumi being "all ears"

In other news, I got my wisdom teeth out about a month ago. Bleh is all I have to say about that. Overall, it wasn’t too bad but the first day was definitely the worse. The anesthia was wearing off so I could start to feel pain but my mouth was still too numb to even drink water so I couldn’t take my pain meds. It was quite the painful catch 22. Jon was good enough to take a pic of me right after surgery. :-P ;-)

Ouch :(

Ouch :(

Jon later crushed my pill into water once I was finally able to drink. But when I could finally take the pills on my own, I got sick so I couldn’t keep anything down. It was pretty miserable but a big thank you to Jon and my parents for helping take care of me. :)  The next few days after that were pretty good until a dry socket started to form. Fortunately, my doctor said we caught it pretty early so it only hurt for a few days. Now I just have to clean out “the bat cave” (as Jon likes to call it) after every meal. Not sure how long it’s going to take to fill in but hopefully not much longer.

On the work front, the Apple store is doing good. Busy as all get it out and the holiday season hasn’t even started yet. Yikes! :) I led my first workshop last night and I thought it went well. Got a lot of positive feedback from those that attended so hopefully I can do more and officially join the workshop team soon. Jon’s company Kinetic is rocking it! They’ve gained a few more clients recently and are just continuing to grow. Take that recession! :)

Cute nerdy husband alert! :)

Cute nerdy husband alert! :)

Our debt snowball is on pause right now as we build up savings. We have new renters in the Keller house and they will (fingers crossed) be buying the house in late Spring. In the meantime, we’re living like no one else so later, well, we can live like no one else. :) Love to everyone and I’ll try to update our blog a little more with everyday goings-ons…or however that’s spelled.

Much love!

J + B

Oh and here’s some updated pics of our condo. Our landlord came over and took some great shots (and put a fire in the fireplace)! Now we have to just get out and buy wood so we can make a real one. ;-)

ER103 LR1ER103 LR3

ER103 LR4ER103 DRER103 BR


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