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Urban Acres

Your Farm Store in the City

Bre and I have been members of a local Dallas, TX based Co-op for 6 months now, and we still feel that it’s the single best thing we can do for us and our new family (baby due July 20th).  When you do the research, it becomes obvious that raw and natural food is the best way to get and stay healthy.  We get our farm eggs, beef, chicken, and veggies from Urban Acres.  They are the public face of the original Co-op “The Movement Dallas“.  Through The Movement, we can also get our raw dairy.

If you have been looking for a better source of food, please consider joining the co-op.


Blogging from the iPhone

I finally got my .Mac blog moved over to WordPress today. All of my old posts have been recreated here. And I can finally use my iPhone to create and publish new entries (like I’m doing now). Hopefully, this will mean more frequent updates.

It’s a BOY!!!

Meet Jack Hastin Taylor…due for arrival July 20th.

Jack Hastin Taylor

He’s looking a little alienish here (but don’t they always at this point). He’s waving though! So talented!

His head is tilting to the right and you can see his right eye and nose with his right hand to his right (that was a lot of the word right)

He’s a boy

Arrow = well, manhood

In other very exciting news, my cousin Payton is engaged! So excited for her. :)

Otherwise, we’re doing the work thing, the church thing, the visiting family thing. We enjoyed Dallas’ record-breaking day of snow last week. It was beautiful although I am very ready for Spring. I (not just I, but, we) miss the warm weather so hopefully it’s around the corner soon.

Some exciting news about our coop. They’ve recently changed names to Urban Acres and opened a store front in Oak Cliff. If you value your health at all, then check out Urban Acres, you’ve gotta! :)

Much love!

J + B