Eggs are a Superfood?

Eggs are starting to get some good press.  In an interesting article out of the UK, eggs are being called a Superfood.

I agree only if the eggs in question are truly “pastured eggs” from chickens that get to roam around eating up good grasses and bugs like the eggs I get at Urban Acres Market.

The article does not mention the “quality” of the eggs, but that is no surprise when you read the last paragraph.

The latest findings, funded by the British Egg Industry Council, suggest that one or two eggs a day have no effect on total cholesterol levels for most people. Files released recently showed that in 1979 Margaret Thatcher lost weight on a short-term diet of 28 eggs a week.

So yes, Eggs are a superfood when you are actually eating great eggs.  The eggs at the supermarket are absolutely NOT great eggs.  To read more about the benefits of eating pastured eggs, check out my earlier post.


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