The Raw Milk Cure Experiment

7 Gallons a week, 1 Gallon a day, 1 quart each meal and 1 quart before bed.  That will be my diet for the next month (starting tomorrow) as I embark on The Raw Milk Cure Experiment.

What is “The Raw Milk Cure?”   It is a diet of the best raw milk from grass fed cows, that is taken for up to a month to assist the body in healing.

“Raw milk cures many diseases”

J.E. Crewe, MD, The Mayo Foundation, January, 1929 (founder and forerunner to the Mayo Clinic)

As early as the 1800’s, we have documented texts of medical doctors using a diet composed exclusively of raw milk to heal an incredible variety of diseases – ranging from asthma and diabetes to colitis, obesity and tuberculosis. How does raw milk work to heal so many of our health issues?

If the digestive system is the foundation of health in the body, and natural healing heals the entire body holistically, then of course you are going to see positive results in all aspects of your health, if you repair your digestive system and flood it with nutrition. On an elemental diet, all of your organs and systems will heal and balance, over time, given the necessary tools. An elemental diet – and raw milk is truly the first, original elemental diet, provides the body with the tools to heal holistically.

In his book, The Untold Story of Milk, naturopathic physician Ron Schmid writes:

“According to late 19th century proponents, the ‘secret’ of the milk cure lies in the fact good raw milk is a food the body easily turns into good blood. In illness there is one or both of two conditions in the blood: insufficient quantity, or abnormal quality. The milk diet corrects both and, acting through the blood and the circulation, heals the cells and thus the tissues and organs. The muscles on a milk diet harden, almost like an athlete’s, because they are pumped full of blood, as are the organs.”

Why am I doing The Raw Milk Cure Experiement?  First and foremost, I want to find out how many of my chronic health issues (big or small) clear up and heal themselves. Second, I want to feel better.

Third, I believe that there is an enormous benefit to drinking good raw milk, and that the real crime is that the average American does not have access to it. I’m hoping to bring awareness to the “reality” of how good raw milk is, and what an essential part of our diet it should play. An Iowa man has lived on nothing but raw milk for over 50 years, and is in perfect health, having never been sick.  If you don’t think that that is relevant today as we debate health care reform and watch countless drug commercials each night, then I don’t know what is. Our popular “health and diet” culture and medical community have lost their way. And our governments, with their “recommendations” never had a clue to begin with.  It’s time to stop counting calories and taking drugs, and begin eating real, wholesome and raw foods, as our ancestors did.  Raw milk from grass fed cows is the centuries old way of getting the best raw food for our bodies. What other raw food alone can sustain life?  None.

I’ll be blogging every few days about my experience on The Raw Milk Cure.  A month from now, I’m going to be craving some serious flavors!!


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  1. Good luck with that… Can’t wait to follow your experience!

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