Jon’s Raw Milk Cure Experiement

Raw Milk Cure Journal

Here is the summary of my Raw Milk Cure Experiment. It was a huge success. From March 21st to March 28th, I consumed nothing but raw cow’s milk. And from March 29th to April 3rd I consumed both raw milk and limited veggies and fruit, working up to a regular meal by the 3rd. All in all, I’ve never felt better. I had energy, stamina, no headaches, and simply felt great.  It’s a very therapeutic diet. I’m still enjoying raw milk daily but as a normal part of my diet. My encouragement is to begin using raw milk in your diet. I would also recommend that if you decide you want to attempt the Milk Cure because of poor health, please read up on it, and find a holistic doctor who knows about the diet so that you have professional guidance.  I was pretty healthy before  I started, so I knew there would not be any drastic effects, but everyone is different. If you need a consult, I recommend calling or emailing Craig at The Movement Dallas.

Journal Entries

Day 1 (March 21st) – Feeling great except for the caffeine withdrawal headache that comes and goes. 32oz of milk is actually very filling.

Day 2 – I weighed in at 190lbs. My goal is not to loss weight, but I do want to track it.  I can tell the milk is starting to do it’s job and is beginning to cleanse me. I have to pee a lot, but I can also drink extra water, so that is what I’m doing. Lots of people have been intrigued by this experiment and I think interest is growing for raw milk. Others have expressed concern for the safety of the diet. My only response currently is to read the book “The Untold Story of Milk”..  The diet is actually safe, nutrient rich, and a very healthy diet. Many an MD doctor have used this diet on many thousands of people over the last 100 years.

Day 3 – I think I’m detoxing a bit. That’s good.  I have a dull headache, but I also have some sore neck muscles and my headache today may be more of a stress and tension headache, or more caffeine withdrawal. I have been having a “two shot” latte daily for many years, and I actually started tapering off the caffeine last week.  I knew it would be painful, and it is.  Caffeine is certainly and addictive drug. I’ve put of my espresso machine up for now, thinking that I should just stay off coffee when this is over.  That will be tough.

Day 4 – No headache today.  Yay!  Really feeling great so far.  I have been thinking about regular food a bit more the last day.  I’m missing flavors, but I do NOT feel hungry.  I feel satisfied, and full with no stomach issues whatsoever.  Since raw milk contains all of the necessary enzymes, it’s super digestible.  Only 24 days to go.

Day 5 & 6 – Just like day 4.  All good.

Day 7 (Saturday, March 27th) – By tonight it will have been one week. There really have not been any negative side effects to the raw milk diet so far except two.  First, I think I need to be drinking just a bit more water between meals as I have been a little bit constipated the last 48 hours. This might happen if I’m mildly dehydrated.  Second, I really am missing flavors. I’m having “foodie” withdrawal.  I also feel so good that I’m thinking of making this a 2 week experiment instead of a full 4 weeks.  Having not been sick to begin with, my body is responding very well, and I’m not sure what benefit the last 2 weeks would be, and I think I’ll go crazy before then anyway.

I’m also going to change it up for week 2 by allowing some healthy “foods”, like field greens, and other light veggies between the milk meals..  The major benefit to staying with only raw milk would be to continue to repair the digestive track and allow it to fully heal and repopulate healthy bacteria (from the milk), and to heal any intestinal wall integrity issues.  Many foods create trouble for the gut flora, and also allow your intestinal wall to become permeable, allowing small food particles to pass through into the blood. This creates a lot of auto-immune responses by your body.  I think my gut is probably doing pretty well by now, so adding back in some green, raw veg should be a very good thing.

Day 8&9 – Weight now 185. Still plowing through the milk. I also have been drinking a lot more water to fix a little constipation problem.  It’s all over, but it was a rough weekend. I’m still feeling great, and am enjoying both the raw milk and a little bit of food.

Day 10 & 11 – I’m eating a bit more food, but still consuming almost 3/4 of a gallon daily.

Day 12 to 14 – Well, I’m back on to food about 50%, and milk 50%.  I have absolutely zero desire for fast food.  And I don’t even want coffee.. I’m sure the coffee cravings will come back :).  As I end this experiment, I’m pumped about how I feel, and very thankful that I have access to great, grass fed, raw cow’s milk.  But I’m also sad a bit as I think about how our culture has been led to believe that it’s dangerous, or bad, or yucky.  Raw milk could again change the lives of Americans if we could return to our roots and push back against the “establishment” of misinformation and bullying.  Drink it for your health and the health of your children.  I’ve never been healthier and haven’t been “sick” in over a year (9 months of which drinking raw milk)

If you have any questions or comments, please email me at or post them on one of the blog entries.

Thanks, Jon


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