Full-fat Dairy for Heart Health

One thing I have learned reading Nourishing Traditions and The Untold Story of Milk is that milk is best consumed raw.  This means that I am consuming milk that is between 3.5-4% butterfat.  The trend in America is to drink 2% or 1% or even “not fat”, because we’ve been led to believe that animal fats are bad, and unhealthy.

There is a blog that I follow by Stephan Guyenet. I don’t know him, but I love reading it because he seems to find wonderful and obscure and relevant studies that tell a different story. So for today’s post, I simply want to point you to his latest blog entry, titled “Full-fat Dairy for Cardiovascular Health“.

The more you know about traditional diets, the better you eat, and the healthier you are. Don’t you want to be healthy?  Lipitor is not the answer.  Get some raw milk and start building your future.


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