Jack's Room

So, I pretty much like to copy whatever Christine does (because she’s brilliant) and so I started working on a design mock-up for Jack’s future room. It’s been so helpful to see how different things will go together (or not go) plus it gives me an excuse to be on Etsy 24/7 (also Christine’s fault). Here’s a quick look at what I have so far: (click on the picture to see it bigger)

Most of the accessories are from Etsy (SO excited about the “You are my sunshine” sign that Gemma (my mom) has already bought for the room).

And how cute is this wooden whale!!!

I’m currently working on the bumper set and sheets for his crib which will consist of these fabrics:

The Bumper:

A couple sheet sets made out of these:

The uber-comfortable recliner comes in a really fun wavy square pattern:

and I am majorly pumped about the adorable shelf that I found at, where else, Etsy:

It’s kind of got a cute monster look to it with the curved parts at the top that look like eyes and the front part looking like a mouth. This will go above the changing table for all the lotions and potions needed for diaper-changing.

I’m also working on a changing table organizer to hang off the side. If anyone’s seen a pattern for something like that, please let me know b/c right now my plan is just to reconfigure a wall-organizer pattern I have from one of my books.

Oh and I finished Jack’s letters. I’m on the lookout for some fun, funky frames and I’m going to spray paint them all the same color then mount a letter in each one to hang over his crib.

That’s about all I have so far but more ideas are brewing!

In other news, Jon and I leave for Florida next week for a baby moon (courtesy of my sweet dad!) so we’re pretty excited about that. Work has been busy but great and we start our birthing classes soon. Next week will be the beginning of the 3rd trimester. Eek!! Can’t believe it’s going so fast! He’ll be here before we know it. I’ve been feeling great and Jon has been wonderful of course and understanding during my mood swings. If you haven’t already, check out his nutrition blog! He’s been working really hard on it and has posted a lot of great recipes and health tips. :) I leave you with the latest “artsy” self-portrait bump pic:

Much love!

J + B


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I'm a naturally-minded homeschool mom with a knack for acquiring overdue library fees. Follow along for our crazy shenanigans against the mainstream current.

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  1. Of course I love it all! SO creative! I love the monster shelf too, how cute is that! Thank you, Etsy.com! I can’t wait to see it all come together….

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