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How We Met

Three years ago, on May 20th, Jon and I met for the first time. It’s amazing to sit here with my preggo belly weeks away from meeting our first child that it was only 3 years ago that we met. I feel like I’ve known him my entire life. Isn’t it obvious we were “meant to be” based on our baby photos – same pose and everything. So, anyway, I thought I’d commemorate the occasion by sharing the story God so evidently weaved for us. Here’s my take and his below. Enjoy. :)

Bre’s Take

I (Bre) had visited IBC that Sunday night and met with friends Matt Mungle and Nathan Chandler to discuss our new film group. We stopped by the Alcove room to figure out if that’s where we wanted our group to meet and in walks Jon. After chatting about TV shows for a few minutes, Jon proceeded to pull his Apple MacBook (I know, an Apple fan!) out and shows us a funny British comedy. (I know – an England fan!) I just kind of thought “hmm…this guy’s cute” but didn’t want to let my mind wander too far. Us girls tend to get away with our daydreams at times.

It wasn’t until about 2 months later that Nathan and I were in the Hatch (the IBC green room) and Jon popped off the couch faster than a popcorn kernel, came over, and said hi. Two weeks later, he showed up to The Film Alcove and offered to “drive” me over to the snack machines on the other side of the building. I know, a little random. We kept talking after the movie and I conveniently gave him my card. The email-a-thon began which led to a phone call a week or so later. The first day we hung out, we spent a little over 9 hours together. It was amazing. We spent pretty much every day together after that and I knew by the day we started officially dating (Aug 10th) that this was the man I was going to marry.

As Jon flew to California for two weeks, we began another email-a-thon, video chats, and 8 1/2 hour phone calls. During one of our 8 hour conversations, Jon asked ever so nonchalantly what time of year I had always wanted to get married in. My answer: “Oh…well…I’ve always figured spring or something but, I don’t know, whenever really.” (This was August that he asked me this and I was really thinking, “To you, tomorrow.”  As our conversations continued, the topic of marriage or “the event” kept coming up. Jon would go downstairs every morning to his parents and they’d ask, “What’s the latest today?” One morning was “I think we might get married.” The next: “What are y’all doing in December?” And the next: “So, what are y’all doing December 28th?” They had been praying for Jon to find his bride so they were so excited to hear the news.  We were both overwhelmed and excited by God’s blessing in our lives and continue to marvel at His provisions. There is so much more in store, up’s and down’s and everything in between, and I wouldn’t want to spend it with anyone else. :)

Jon’s Take

I get excited about little things.  That’s part of who I am.  And some of those things are just worth sharing, especially if it will make the other person laugh.  I ran into some friends and a new girl back in May 2007 at my church, and just had to show them a clip of a new British TV show called “The IT Crowd”..  I met Bre that night.  She was very sweet and loved watching a bit of the show on my MacBook.

I didn’t see her again until July 11th.  I intended to start going to the Film Alcove, the group that Bre helped create, but I came an hour late because of work.. I decided to just watch another movie in our music department’s own theater that night..  Right in the middle of it Matt Mungle and Bre walked in the back, and without even thinking, I was out of my seat and heading over to say hi to Bre.  I think I was drawn to her, but didn’t really realize it at the time. Two weeks later, at the Film Alcove, Bre and I ran out to get snacks together and so began the dance. She gave me her card after I told her I would email her a link to all of the IT Crowd, and the flurry of emails began.

A short time later we spent a Sunday hanging out, and just a week later we both knew that we wanted to be together. God was working in  our hearts and minds in a way that was totally surprising, but exciting.  She is the answer to a lifetime of prayers, and even still that answer is a bit mysterious…  :) I could not have planned it out even if I tried.

And so after 3 weeks of dating, we got engaged and just 4 months later, we were married!

It was a crazy but beautiful time…we even poked fun at ourselves (and the craziness of it all) with the song we danced to at our wedding –

Frank Sinatra’s How Little It Matters How Little We Know

“How little we know! How much to discover
What chemical forces flow from lover to lover!
How little we understand what touches off that tingle,
That sudden explosion when two tingles intermingle.

Who cares to define what chemistry this is?
Who cares, with your lips on mine, how ignorant bliss is?
So long as you kiss me, and the world around us shatters,
How little it matters, how little we know.

How little we understand what touches off that tingle,
That sudden explosion when two tingles intermingle.

Who cares to define what chemistry this is?
Who cares, with your lips on mine, how ignorant bliss is?
So long as you kiss me, and the world around us shatters,
How little it matters, how little we know.
How little we know.
How little we know.”

Thank you Lord for this beautiful orchestration and may we honor and glorify You in all that we do. And thank you to our family and friends for your wonderful support and love…especially as we start on this next journey of parenthood.
Much love!
J + B

Urban Acres @ IBC – Are you interested?

Hey guys, JT here, I wanted to let you all know about Urban Acres and to find out how many of you and families that you know might be interested in being a part of our little Co-op, as we make IBC our newest Farm Stand.

So What is Urban Acres and why do we think this is so important?

Simply put, the food we put in our bodies matters. Our modern food supply is providing very poor products. But we can choose better, natural options.  Urban Acres organizes and delivers the best local, organic produce, and the best local pastured meats, “low pasteurized – non homogenized” milk and healthy grocery items from the Oak Cliff Farm Store out to the IBC Farm Stand.  We have partnered with a whole host of local farmers around DFW to get seasonal and unique organic produce, grass fed beef, pastured eggs, pastured chicken and pork, and some amazing salmon straight from a family fisherman in Alaska.  The goal of Urban Acres is to enable people to obtain the best local food products so they can take care of themselves and their families as it relates to nutrition and diet.

We are membership based as all Cooperative Organizations are.

Here’s how it works!

As a member, you have availability to both parts of what we offer, the Bi-monthly Produce, and access to shop online for bi-monthly grocery delivery. Or if you choose to, you can shop at the Oak Cliff Farm Store (Currently every Fri. & Sat from 9-7) You can choose to do either one or both. It’s up to you. Bre and I do both. In fact for us, the grass fed, pastured meats, farm eggs, and low pasteurized milk and raw cheeses are probably more important to us. We still love the fruits and veg too.

Bi-Monthly Produce: Every other Saturday, Urban Acres delivers your produce to IBC. You can pick it up between 9:30-12 at IBC.  You select to receive either the Half bin (15lbs for $30) or the Full bin (30lbs for $50). On your 2nd and subsequent pickups, just bring back your Produce bin, from the prior pickup and grab a new full bin.  Produce is Co-op style, meaning once you start, you are expected to be there every 2 weeks to pickup and pay. If you are unable, you can either send someone, or notify us that you would like us to “donate” your share, but you are still financial responsible. You are always pre-paying for the next produce day, so when you come, you pick up what you payed for 2 weeks earlier, and you pay for the produce that will be coming in 2 weeks. You can stop your produce at any time, but to keep admin costs down, we encourage you only to do that if you must.  There is a small fee to get your produce started again.

Volunteering: That’s what I do. Bre works for Urban Acres, but I volunteer some time when I can.  We sort produce on Friday afternoons in Oak Cliff and load all the bins into a large refrigerator truck for the night. Plus we fulfill all of the online orders. If you desire to volunteer, email our Volunteer Coordinator Christina.

Startup Costs:
For Full bin – Annual membership ($50), bin fee for 2 bins ($12) and first produce ($50) – $112
For Half bin – Annual membership ($50), bin fee for 2 bins ($12) and first produce ($30) – $92

What you can do!

If this all sounds like your bag of apples, then please email Bre today and communicate your desire to join and be part of the IBC Farm Stand, or ask any questions so we can provide answers. We would love to have at least 20 families on board to start things, and would love to begin by Saturday May 22nd.

Also, check out the Urban Acres website. It’s a great resource with weekly recipes on how to use some of the variety of produce you’ll see in your bin.

Already, Shannon Miles, Jason Elwell, and other staffers have expressed a desire to join and continue their journey toward better health. It really is a better way to eat. Yes, it’s more work than eating out or buying pre-made lasagnas, but it’s so worth it.


Jon and Bre Taylor

Bre @ Urban Acres
“Your Farm Store in the City”

PS. I’m just an unpaid advocate for Urban Acres, and a contributing writer for recipes on the website.. I’m passionate about what they are doing and I’m passionate about eating and feeding my wife and baby boy a “traditional diet” as much as is possible.

Baby Moon

Jon and I had a lot of fun on our mini vacay or “baby moon”. We flew out Tuesday morning and landed in Orlando around noon. After getting checked in to the hotel, we grabbed some lunch then took a looooonnngggg nap (we won’t be getting many of those soon). After we puttered around Downtown Disney for a little bit, we had dinner and then went putt-putting at Pirate’s Cove (arg matie!).

Jon beating me at putt-putt

Wednesday, we had breakfast then headed to Epcot for the morning. We rode Spaceship Earth, the ride in the big globe, and they took our pictures and made this funny video:

We rode a few rides and then rode the Monorail over to Magic Kingdom so Jon could see more of the park. Dad and Jackie flew in around noon so we headed back to the hotel, grabbed lunch with them then rode together back to the park. Jon had never been to Disney World so we thought if we do just one park this visit, Epcot was the way to go. He really enjoyed it and they were having a beautiful Flower Festival where all of the characters were made out of flowers. That’s me with the ostriches of Fantasia and there’s another pic of us with Lady and the Tramp. Jon wore his 1st Time Visitor button so I put one on my belly. It may not have been my first time there but it was Jack’s! :) We walked around the lagoon through the different countries and had a delicious dinner in Japan. It was a lot of fun but a lot of walking for preggo me.

We decided to take it easy Thursday. Dad and Jackie both had conferences there that they were attending so Jon and I drove out to Cocoa Beach for a few hours. We found an awesome food coop there and talked with their owner for a while then laid out on the beach. We had a great lunch watching the cruise ships in port and headed back to Orlando. That night, we had dinner with Dad and Jackie in Celebration, FL – a small town concept Walt Disney had that came to fruition in the mid-1990’s. Very interesting and cute place. Friday, we rested, spent more time with Dad then flew back. It was a great trip!! Thank you all so much for your prayers!!

Jack’s doing great. He’s been kicking more than ever and we’re seeing and feeling more of his little features like feet and elbows (or knees). It’s pretty crazy but oh so fun! Can’t believe he’s going to be here in just 2-3 months. :) Here’s my 28 weeks bump picture (braving it in a bikini – eek!!):

Much love!

J + B