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Moving, Maternity, and More

Jon got a little carried away with labeling our stuff - In case you can't see it, it says Jack and Fragile :)

Sorry for the lack in updates…just preparing everyone for the assumed lack in updates once Jack is here. Although we will try our darndest to update b/c that’s when you’d want to hear updates anyway, right?! Well, we’ve been busy, busy to say the least. A few weeks ago I asked Jon, “So, IF I found the perfect place and IF they could give us a great deal and IF we could somehow get out of our lease, THEN would you maybe consider moving before Jack gets here?” Well, Jon (still not fully realizing the insanely amazing capabilities of his wife) said, “Sure.” It was all over from there. ;-)

But, seriously, the Lord provided an awesome rental home for us. We know the landlords through the coop who then offered us a great deal and our fabulous previous landlords were able to find new tenants for our condo so….move we did! Thanks to family and friend’s prayers, we are now Oak Cliff dwellers! The house is a wreck right now or I’d post photos so that will have to be a post for another day. But it’s a great (pretty much though not technically) 3 bedroom, one bath with a garage, screened in porch, and a yard for the Sumeister. Beautiful hard woods and tall ceilings. We’re really excited and am slowly but surely unpacking everything. I think we’re going to do a house-warming party but we’re going to wait until the newest resident is with us so it can be a combo ‘say hi to Jack and warm our home’ type of party. We shall see.

Speaking of the little booger, we’ve only got about 4 1/2 weeks left! Craziness! Jon is getting so excited. I’ve caught him looking off longingly with a smile at little babies or father/sons when we’re out. It chokes me up just thinking about it. So cute. I was blessed with a wonderful shower a couple weeks ago which was great. Thank you to my awesome hostesses by the way: Cassie, Amanda, Wanda, Dana, Elizabeth, Katie, and Mary Kathryn and to all my sweet guests (especially my aunt who took lots of pictures (but I forgot to get a picture with her :().

Hostesses: Elizabeth, Cassie, Amanda, Wanda, Dana, (Katie and Mary Kathryn not pictured)

Me, Jack, Christine, and Baby Girl Bailey (the marriage has already been pre-arranged) ;-)

How about that mother/daughter "snap our picture" head tilt?!

Jack got lots of cute clothes and things for bath time and his nursery so thank you so much to everyone! Now I just have to find a dresser/bookshelves to put it all in/on. ha ha But that’s what garage sales are for! ;-) Other than that, we’re just unpacking and getting ready for Jack. Jon’s parents are coming in soon after his arrival so we are excited to see them and have them here and my mom will be staying with us the first couple weeks too. Yay for help after a newborn!!

Jon and I also got some maternity photos done by my fabulous photographer friend, Rebekah Greenawalt. She’s awesome and you should contact her for any wedding/engagement/baby photography. Here’s a few of my faves (which was hard to even narrow it down to these):

Got a sewing machine for Christmas and have been on a sewing frenzy since this photo. My husband is the cutest! Can't you just see his tenderness and what a great daddy he's going to be in those eyes!?!

These are the letters that will hang in Jack's nursery so we all remember his name ;-) it.

And let's not forget the real queen of the house. ;-) "Who's Jack?" she says

Thank you again to Rebekah for the beautiful shots that we will treasure for years to come!