Jack's first month

He’s a month! Still can’t believe it.  Thank you to everyone for your sweet comments and encouragement on our birth story. Jon and I were talking the other night and remarked how awesome it was that WE gave birth to Jack – meaning Jon was not only able to be but chose to be just as much a part of it all. He was there holding me through every contraction, cheering me on in the tired moments, and crying with me in the hard parts. The birth center allowed us to have that type of delivery and Jon was adamant about being that involved which I love. Anyway, had to share that blessing and say another thank you to my wonderful husband for his support and deep involvement in Jack’s birth. Now, on to Jack’s first month! :)

At our 10-day appointment, we get to put Jack’s footprints up on a wall in the Birth Center with his name, date of birth, and weight/height. Usually babies fuss and cry the whole time but he held out until the end.

We’ve had lots of visitors. Jon’s parents came for a few days which was awesome and my mom stayed for a while as well which was so helpful. They loved holding Jack and we gladly let them so we could rest some.

Bre’s cousin Payton got married a couple weeks after Jack was here so he got to go on his first road trip! It was a great trip…a bit tiring but a great one! I was a little worried I wouldn’t be able to fit into my bridesmaids dress but I did. Phew! It was such a joy to be a witness and Payton’s matron of honor for this special union.

Congrats to Payton and Travis

The rest of the month can pretty much be summed up with sleeping, feeding, and learning how to be a new family of three. It’s been challenging but rewarding to learn Jack’s cues for what he’s wanting and needing and just working hard to be there for him as he grows right before our eyes. He’s a sweet boy who loves to be held…pretty much 24/7. But, hey, he’s a baby and he’s only this small once. And now I’ll let the pictures do the talking. :)

Waving hi from his co-sleeper bed

Love this closeup. Love those lips. :)

Getting a tub bath...he loves his baths (despite that face he's making)!

See, he likes 'em!

He also loves laying on daddy's chest before bedtime

And mommy loves taking artsy pictures of sweet moments

He prefers to be in just his diaper but indulged mommy with a picture in his robot outfit

That’s all for now.

Much love!

J + B + j


About Bre

I'm a naturally-minded homeschool mom with a knack for acquiring overdue library fees. Follow along for our crazy shenanigans against the mainstream current.

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  1. SOOOO cute, we love lil Jack! And I love how you signed his initial with a lowercase j, too cute :) You’re such great parents, and we are glad to walk through it with you!

  2. loved this update! cant wait to see you and jon and meet sweet jack!

  3. Still so excited for you three!! Scott and I can’t wait to meet Jack!

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