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Easy Halloween Baby Beanie

Baby Owl Beanie

As some of you may know, I have an adorable almost three-month-old. As Halloween draws near, I have been debating between getting a store-bought costume or making one. I’ve only made a few things since having Jack so I didn’t want to undertake a huge, intricate project. Plus, I’m always trying (key word: trying) to be budget-conscious. Jack loves being in his Moby wrap so I looked for costume ideas with baby carriers. Lots of good ideas came up like momma and baby kangaroo, baby peacock, and monkey in a tree. I decided to modify the monkey one and have my little buddy be an owl (while I will be dressed as a tree). (My hubby is going to be a bird watcher with a vest and binoculars <-we’re dorks I know) I figured the obvious way to go was a knit hat so I scoured Etsy (a fave past-time) and although I saw adorable stuff, I couldn’t help but think, “Hey, I can make that!” Granted, I can’t knit (yet) but I figured I could sew my own version. I had all the scraps and thread already so I’ll just put him in a brown onesie and his hat and, voila, free costume! (Plus, it’ll make a great hat just because) So, there you have it. My first tutorial on my new blog! I’ll post pictures of the final costume after Halloween.

Baby Beanie Tutorial

This tutorial can also be used for lots of different animals. I’m making a friend a piggy hat over the weekend and will post pics of that too. There’s also a kitty cat, monkey, frog…the options are endless.

Materials/Supplies Needed:

  • 1/4 yard of main fabric (in this case, brown)
  • Scraps of fabric for beak (nose) and eyes
  • Scrap of interfacing (optional)
  • 2 buttons for eyes
  • Thread that matches your beanie, beak (or nose) and eye fabrics
  • Embroidery thread
  • Sewing Machine (optional) – this project could be hand stitched but a machine would obviously make it faster

Cutting the Pieces:

For the main part of the hat, you’ll need to do a little math to get the right fit. You’re looking to have a batman looking piece. Measure the circumference of your child’s head as well as from their brow line over the top of their head to the lower back part above their neck. Take the circumference and add 2 inch then divide by two. This gives you the width of fabric that you’ll need to cut. Do the same with the other measurement except just add 1.5″. That will give you the height to cut for the middle part of the hat. So, for example:

Jack’s circumference was 15.5″ ->  15.5″ + 2″ = 17.5″ / 2 = 8.75″

Brow to Back of Head was 10.5″ -> 10.5″ + 1.5″ = 12″/ 2 = 6″

But don’t forget your ears. I gave myself about another 5 inches on both sides for the ears. So fold your fabric in half and chalk your measurements on then cut. Here’s what Jack’s hat looked like before I cut it:

Main Beanie

Then, cut the beak and eyes in whatever colors/sizes you’d like. I added interfacing to the fabric I used for the eyes and beak so that the brown would not show through.

Start assembling your pieces:

For my owl, I cut out two different circle shapes in which the button would be added to…you can do however many circles you want. Zig-zag stitch the smaller circle inside the bigger one.

Attach smaller circle to bigger circle using zigzag

Then, take the beak and place it in the lower center portion of one of your beanie pieces. Zig zag stitch it to the beanie.

Attach the beak

Then put the eyes where you want them and zigzag stitch them in place. Next, thread your embroidery thread and attach your buttons to the eyes. Your owl face is done! Now you’re ready to attach the other beanie piece (or back) to the face side. Place the two pieces right side together and stitch a 1/2″ seam allowance along the sides, 1/4″ allowance around the ears, and then back to 1/2″ allowance down the other side backstitching at both ends. I recommend a 1/4″ at the ears so that it’s easier to turn them inside out.

Turn the beanie inside out. Tie each ear into a knot. For a more rounded ear (for say, a monkey or frog), tuck the end back into the knot.

Right ear is knotted; left ear still undone

You’re almost done! Fold and press the bottom under and then top-stitch along the edge, creating a hem.

Topstitch along the bottom

Voila! You’re done!

Here’s my sweet model with his Zoolander pose.

Hoo's the cutest?!

Owl in a 'Tree'

Please let me know if there’s anything you’d change. This is my first time to do a tutorial so I’m learning!


5 Generations

Last Saturday, Jack finally got to meet his great-great-grandmother. Yep, you read that right…great-GREAT-grandmother. Pepita or as we all call her “Ta-Ta” is 104 years old and flew in from Tampa to stay with my grandparents in Wichita Falls. We got to introduce Jack to her and enjoy some lunch. She is an amazing woman who loves God with all her heart and her family as well. We haven’t had a chance to take a five-generation picture yet but hope to soon. Here’s some pictures from their first meeting. :)

This is my absolute fave. Such joy in her face.

4 of the 5 generations present

Wordless Wednesday: Little Tongue

Wordless Wednesday: A New Mom's Dilemma

I don't want to move him and wake him up but I need to get some work done (which includes typing...a lot). My solution: I shall just have to stare at him. Oh darn. :sigh: :)

Multitude Monday #1

Multitude Mondays are basically posts (on Mondays of course) that list the things I am thankful for. This is my first one. :)

  1. grace – the grace, forgiveness and love of my Heavenly Father. Without this, I am lost…literally.
  2. sweetest – my sweet hubby…he really is the sweetest (hence, the nickname)
  3. buddy – my son (wow, sounds so weird to type) Jack who is the cutest baby ever (but I’m pretty biased)
  4. dark chocolate, particularly Hail Merry’s Chocolate Tart (note: 1-3 was in a particular order but from here on out is random; chocolate just happens to be on my mind which is a pretty common occurrence)
  5. warm, cozy socks
  6. Jack’s sound machine – more because it helps me go to sleep than him
  7. miracle blanket – because it helps Jack sleep (it really is a miracle)
  8. You’ve Got Mail – my ‘get ready for fall’ movie
  9. having a camera within arm’s reach (whether it be my iphone or my canon) – I think I’ve taken about a billion photos of jack already (and what’s this?!? well, here’s one now!)

Much love!