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Multitude Monday #2

Multitude Mondays are basically posts (on Mondays of course) that list the things I am thankful for. This is my second one. :)

10. Friends – the actual ones in my life. My friend from high school, Tarah (or Valentine – our nickname for each other), came in over Thanksgiving and it was so good to spend time with her and Cassie (my best friend – also from high school). I love talking about anything and everything and picking up right where we left off as if no time has passed. Here’s a fave pic from our girl trip to London in 2006 and maybe someday…maybe…I’ll show you a clip of the insanely humiliating “mommy video” – a video we made for our moms many years ago.

Also, thankful for my fellow new mama friend Christine. The Lord knew what He was doing (as He always does) by crossing our paths during our pregnancies. We’re able to vent about lack of sleep, talk tricks of the napping trade, and book and netflix movie share.

Also, big shout out to my dear friend Alli dahling who I don’t get to see nearly enough! A sweet sister in Christ, amazing wife and mom, fellow Audrey Hepburn lover, and just plain fun to be around! Plus her hubby and mine can talk for hours about Apple, food, you name it. (move here guys! ;-))

11. Friends – the tv show. It’s my go-to-thing to have in the background when working on stuff or cleaning the house…or even just to watch before falling asleep. Poor Jon wouldn’t pick up on all the quotes I’d make but now he is sufficiently as brainwashed as me. :) mwahahahaha

12. the holiday season. There’s just something about the holidays that cheers everybody up. I’m not a fan of cold weather but the holidays makes it worth it. festive decorations, beautiful twinkly lights on all the houses, and the food!

13. Mothering magazine. Christine and I text back and forth on whether the other has received their issue yet (we live 2 streets from each other). It’s a great magazine for natural parenting – i.e. babywearing, breastfeeding, etc. They always have insightful articles that don’t just give an opinion but really help me to think beyond the subject and form my own thoughts and, even better, spur me into action. If you’re a mom, get it!

14. Side sleeping. We’ve learned a new ‘get Jack to sleep longer’ trick – he loves to side sleep! Both Jon and I do too so why we never thought to try it for him, I don’t know. But, it works! Longer naps = happier buddy boy and parents :)

15. Speaking of happier baby and parents, we are now sporting Fuzzibunz around here…(well, Jack is sporting them). They’re awesome! So super soft for his tush, easy to wash, and no leaks! Saves us a ton o’ money <-always uber grateful when that happens

16. Visits from family. Jon’s brother, Chris, and his wife Janelle came in for a great little visit. We got to hang out and share some of our favorite local eateries (Eno’s and Tillman’s Roadhouse) and Janelle and I escaped for a couple hours to a fun (but very crowded) Etsy craft show. Another big thanks to my dad and Jackie for babysitting!

Jack turned 4 months yesterday. Gonna take some 4 month photos soon but, in the meantime, here’s a pic of his royal adorableness on Turkey Day.

Much love!

J + B + j


3 Months

Little 3 month (actually he’s 3 1/2 now) update. :) Our little bud is giggling a lot, sometimes squealing, and smiling a ton! He’s pushing up more and more on his tummy and is (we think) days from rolling over for the first time. The little booger is almost 16 pounds and has already outgrown his 3 month clothes. Here’s some pics! :)


Melt my heart why don't ya!

On a walk with my friend Christine and Jack's girlfriend Luci

Sweet Boys

Melt my heart, part II