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2010 Wrap-up -> 2011 Ramp-up

My heart is ravisht with delight,

when thee I think upon;

All grief and sorrow takes the flight,

and speedily is gone;

The bright resemblance of thy face,

so fills this, heart of mine;

that force nor fate can me displease,

for Old long syne.

-Robert Burns

What an amazing year 2010 has been for us…Jon’s business grew a ton, moved to a great neighborhood, and of course sweet Jack was welcomed into the world and our hearts. We enjoyed a wonderful Christmas with Bre’s family and am now in California with Jon’s family for a nice, restful time before we really kick 2011 into gear. Here’s some pictures of Jack’s first Christmas.

You can pretty much see the contagious excitement of Christmas registering on his face in these next 3 photos:

What's everybody starin' at me for?

Ohhh, I think I'm starting to get it.

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