Audrey-Inspired Nursing Top

Audrey Inspired Nursing Top

First of all, it’s been way too long….insanely too long. I had every good intention of posting more of my sewing projects but the Holidays hit, traveling occurred, and, oh yeah, we got pregnant again! :) So, needless to say, I was pretty exhausted the first trimester right after the holidays and am finally back on the energy train and sewing wagon…whatever that means.

Anyway, I have been wanting to work more and more on sewing my own clothes including maternity as of late. I follow this site called DIY Maternity which is all about inspiration for creating your own maternity clothes (brilliant) and they linked to a contest at A Jennuine Life. Contests, for me at least, are a great way to get going on a project that I would otherwise put off longer. I missed the maternity part of the contest but I have 2 ideas for the Being (or nursing) as well as the Been (or postpartum) part. The latter is still in design stage but I’m excited to show my entry for the Nursing part. I hope to make another top soon and plan to photograph and document every step so that I can post the tutorial here.

My inspiration was from the fabulous style of my favorite actress – Audrey Hepburn. ::Warning: High School Confession Time:: I was so in love with Audrey and her style that for a dance, I begged my mom to have a seamstress make a dress based on Audrey’s black boat neck dress from Sabrina. P.S.- I rocked it at dance and at many Oscar parties since (see proof here)

Me playing a movie game at an Oscar party

:: ANYWAY, I wanted to go off of the boat neck style with a tie up at each shoulder and an invisible zipper on each side. That way, all you have to do is untie, unzip, and viola…feeding time.

This top is meant to go over a nursing tank although you wouldn’t necessarily have to have a tank underneath…just be extra careful of babies (like mine) that love to pull on strings or you’ll be giving a show that you weren’t planning on giving. The outer fabric is Alexander Henry’s Joy of Life and the lining of the front piece is Joel Dewberry’s Modern Meadow Herringbone in Grass. I went bold on pattern and color because all the nursing tops that are out there to buy (and maternity tops for that matter) are always solid or stripes. Hope you like it and I will try and work up a tutorial soon for those that are interested. P.S.- It is a little short on me with my baby bump but I tried sucking it in (yeah right) as much as I could. It would normally sit lower on waist plus you can always make it as long as you want…a dress even!


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  1. Congrats, Bre, on winning the Jennuine Life Nursing Top contest!!!! I love this top and can’t wait for you to post the details of how you made it. :) Looking forward to making this for myself. Hehe. :)

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