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3 Simple Joys

K, it’s been insanely too long and Christine has been reprimanding me on a weekly basis about not blogging so, here goes…..

Just to get back into the swing of things, I’m going to post my 3 simple joys as of late.

1. Naming our sweet girl

Although at times I want to pull my crazy, humidity-infused hair out, it really is a joy to think upon the name of our second baby. *oh yeah, psst, we’re pregnant and 20 weeks along at that. Told you it’s been insanely too long*

But, seriously, when I really think about it, it is such an honor and joy to have the task of finding that name that fits your little one to a T. As that baby grows and kicks and wiggles inside me, I get to learn more and more about her personality and (in this case already) her spunk.

My inner dialogue “First name could be this, middle name would be that….no, but if the first name is shortened to this then that middle name wouldn’t sound good. Oh, crap, that would give her initials that would surely lead to playground teasing. Start again.” So maybe it’s not a simple joy lately but it is a joy. :) Her name will come in time and Jon and I can already tell the Lord is leading us in a great direction.

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