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Short Tank + Small Skirt = Maternity Top

Here’s a super quick tutorial for an empire-waist maternity top (or really, even after maternity time).  I probably could wear this as a dress after pregnancy but, right now, it’s a little too short with the bump so I’ll throw some leggings on underneath. If you have a longer skirt then it could definitely be a dress. I had an old tank top that was too short (even when I’m not pregnant) and a skirt that was too small on the waist but fit me good above the bump. I really hated to throw the top away as I have very few lavender/purple family tops and thought the two might look good together so I went to work.

And, on a fun side note, check out the great giveaway on one of my favorite sites – DIY Maternity. Megan’s giving away the pattern to her new ruched maternity skirt. So adorable! Hope I win! :)

Okay, here we go! Click below for the Tutorial:

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Jack’s 1st Birthday

Just wanted to check in and show a few pictures of Jack’s first (of 3) First Birthday Party. That’s right…this lucky boy gets 3 parties! One in Wichita Falls, Fort Worth, and Dallas! Too bad we couldn’t do a California one this year but we will next year for sure! Last night’s party was our Dallas one with a lot of our church friends and Jon’s work buddies.

My friend, Cassie, was sweet enough to open her home which offered a more central location for everyone in Dallas. Jon made some delicious pulled pork sandwiches, cole slaw, and potato salad and I worked on some homemade decorations during Jack’s nap times the week before. It all came together great.



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