Jack’s 1st Birthday

Just wanted to check in and show a few pictures of Jack’s first (of 3) First Birthday Party. That’s right…this lucky boy gets 3 parties! One in Wichita Falls, Fort Worth, and Dallas! Too bad we couldn’t do a California one this year but we will next year for sure! Last night’s party was our Dallas one with a lot of our church friends and Jon’s work buddies.

My friend, Cassie, was sweet enough to open her home which offered a more central location for everyone in Dallas. Jon made some delicious pulled pork sandwiches, cole slaw, and potato salad and I worked on some homemade decorations during Jack’s nap times the week before. It all came together great.



We had a little water splash time in the backyard for Jack while the guests had fun with the photo booth then headed back into the air conditioning for dinner. After some time of socializing and eating, Jon thanked everyone for being there and expressed how although this was a party to celebrate Jack’s first birthday, it was also a way to say thank you to those that serve as another family to us. We pledged our dedication to do our best to raise Jack up to be a God-fearing, honorable man then we prayed and it was time for dessert! Yum. We had mini cupcakes and ice cream sandwiches and Jack had his own cupcake as well. Well, we served it to him but he didn’t really eat any of it. :sigh: oh well…a sugary cupcake isn’t really one of the first foods we want him to be eating anyway. ;-)

After dessert, we just socialized more while guests filled out their time capsule card for Jack’s 18th birthday.

Once all the parties are done and everyone has mailed in their card, Jon and I will assemble a time capsule that he will open on his 18th birthday.We’re having fun deciding on the different items of today to put in there. Should be fun! Anyway, we head to Wichita Falls this weekend for my step-brother’s wedding on Friday and then Jack’s next party will be Saturday. Busy, busy!

OH, and BIG NEWS, Jack is now walking!!!! He’s taken a few steps here and there but just the other morning, after his nap, he just decided crawling was for the birds, and walking everywhere was the thing to do! He’s doing really good and I will try and post a video of it soon. He walks with his hands up like he’s being robbed at gunpoint but other than that, he’s walking good! haha

26 weeks

And little Liv is doing great in mommy’s tummy. She is a real wiggly girl. My midwife even had to “hold” her butt still at my appointment last week just to get her heartbeat. Quite a kicker and definitely living up to her name’s meaning – life! In case we’ve forgotten to announce, her name is going to be Liv Catherine Taylor (“Livie Cate” as a fun nickname). ‘Course we call Jack ‘Buddy’ more than we call him Jack so we’ll see what other nicknames she gets! Well, enjoy the photos of the party. We wish everyone could’ve been there at the same time but are thankful to celebrate this sweet boy’s first year of life in spirit with everyone as well.

Here’s a few photos from the photo booth at the party:

Me and Christine with Luci Belle and Jack

Cassie and her mom, Debe

Silly Home Group Girls

Silly Taylors

Much love!

J + B + j + l


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  1. Happy Birthday, Jack! Seriously Bree, the party was so stinkin’ creative… love it so much.

  2. LOVE these pics! So memorable! So glad we could come just for a little bit. We are so thankful for Jack’s sweet life :)

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