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Finally, some food!

Well, we hit the one year mark a couple weeks ago and just as I’d hoped he’s finally interested in food. Jack, not Jon. Jon has no problem being interested in food as we all know from his fabulous cooking. But, yes, Jack is finally really interested in what we’re eating and how he can get a piece of it. He’s still not really swallowing all of the food he’s given…I’d say probably half of what goes in gets spit back out BUT it’s progress!!! We’re trying to create more of a rhythm to the day – more on that in a bit – and so he sits with us at breakfast and dinner and we’re going to start ‘snack time’ after nap time. Here’s some cutie patootie snap shots of the cutie patootie.

And then it’s clean-up time of course:
How’s Liv, you ask? She’s doing good. Measuring right on track and kicking up a storm. Staying head down though just like we like. :) Someone (who has obviously never been pregnant) asked me the other day, “Wow, how is she going to grow any bigger in there…there’s just no more room!” You have no idea, lady…no idea. This ain’t even big yet. :sigh: ;-)
Much love!
J + B + j + bl (baby liv)

Wordless Wednesday (sort of)


3 Simple Joys

1. The two beautiful words that are…………Nap Time.

And I don’t mean me napping…I mean, you know who, napping. Don’t get me wrong…I love that boy but to stay sane, I gotta have at least an hour or two of uninterrupted cleaning, cooking, you name it….sitting and perusing Pinterest being my recent favorite nap time activity. But the other fun part of nap time is going into his room to this adorable face once he’s awake:

2. My sweet Great-Grandmother

About a week ago, my great grandmother or Tata as we called her, passed on to be with the Lord at the age of 105. She was always such a joy and has such a special place in my heart. A strong woman of faith, nearly every time I would see her, she would ask if I pray and go to church and tell me that she prays for me often. She was a gentle spirit yet had a fire-y spark to her as well. Fortunately, she got to meet Jack which was a wonderful memory for all of us. 5 generations is a rare thing to come by. :) Love you TaTa!

3. My Hard-working husband

I love my job. And, yes, being a stay-at-home-mom is work…a 24/7/365 kind of job but it is something I wouldn’t trade for the world. And I get to ‘work’ that job thanks to Jon. He is a diligent worker bee in his IT world and I am so thankful that he LOVES what he does. Sometimes I feel guilty when I sit on the couch to put my feet up for  a few minutes while he jets out the door to work…like maybe he thinks I’m going to watch soap operas all day (which I hate btw) and eat ice cream (which I actually do sometimes). But, if anything, he encourages me to take that time for myself and even makes me a homemade (decaf) latte some mornings.’Don’t stress about the dishes…I’ll help when I get home.’

And he does….he comes home, picks up Jack the instant he walks in the door with a smile on his face and even tells me to go rest for a bit. His service to me and to Jack (& Liv) is overwhelming and I tear up just sitting here typing this. He is a selfless servant of God and to our family and there is nothing simple about that…and he brings tremendous joy to my heart. He is a man that, as a wife, you can’t help but strive harder to serve back ten-fold….and I pray I can do that better and better every single day.

Party Details Link Love

All the parties for Jack’s birthday are finally done! We had three! Whew! They were each great in their own way and it was so wonderful to celebrate our sweet boy’s first year of life and thank everyone that has been a support to us. I wanted to just take a minute to share how I made some of the party decorations. I got a lot of sweet compliments on them but I must admit, they were all ideas taken borrowed from other blogs (including color scheme (->especially this one: The Mac’s One Year In A Flash). So check out the party decoration link love after the jump!

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