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All the parties for Jack’s birthday are finally done! We had three! Whew! They were each great in their own way and it was so wonderful to celebrate our sweet boy’s first year of life and thank everyone that has been a support to us. I wanted to just take a minute to share how I made some of the party decorations. I got a lot of sweet compliments on them but I must admit, they were all ideas taken borrowed from other blogs (including color scheme (->especially this one: The Mac’s One Year In A Flash). So check out the party decoration link love after the jump!

Fabric Bunting

There are many, many tutorials out there on how to make fabric bunting and even no-sew bunting. I made mine using a combination of leftover fabric and an orange fat quarter along with some ribbon that I got on sale from Joann’s. I folded each piece of fabric over about 8 inches then cut a triangle out with pinking sheers. Once I had an even amount of flags from each fabric, I set them to the side of my machine and got my ribbon. I folded the first over the ribbon so it was even then just zig-zag stitched it to the ribbon…then repeated with the next color I wanted, leaving an inch or so in between each flag. Viola.

Here are some other tutorials you can check out on bunting ranging from ‘quick and easy’ to ‘more time but so worth it’:

A Year In Perspective Banner

When searching for first birthday party ideas, I saw a lot of parties with pictures of the one-year-old throughout the year and obviously loved it. I took the collection of card stock that I had picked out for the party and cut out 13 triangles (I included an extra for one of his newborn photos). I laid them out in the order I wanted them. Then I printed out a picture for each month as well as the numbers 0-12, cut the photos down and punched out the numbers, then glued them to that corresponding month’s photo and glued each of those to a flag. I then folded over the top and zig-zag stitched the folded part down, leaving room to stick a 1/4″ or so size ribbon through. I strung them all up and I was done! Very easy project…the hardest part was picking a photo for each month! ;-)

Fancy Streamers

This is so super easy and changes up a usually blah party staple into something more fun. You can do 2 streamers into one or even 3…mix and match your colors…the possibilities are endless. The tutorial I followed is from Made but Living Well Spending Less also has a good one.

Paper Garland

Using a couple of scrapbook hole punches, I punched out orange, grey, and yellow card stock that I scored on sale at Joann’s. It’s also the same card stock I used for the invitations and Jack’s photo bunting. I set my sewing machine on a little bit wider stitch (about a 3.5) and then just sewed through them using a regular universal needle. The idea is from Under The Sycamore.

Party Favors

Everyone keeps the good tissue paper and bags from gifts they’ve been given, right? No? Oh, well, I do and I was excited to find this leftover white polka dot cellophane in my possession. I had bought a couple bags of orange slices to serve at the snack table so I cut up the cellophane into squares about 10″x10″ and wrapped up a couple orange slices tying it with ribbon. I still had some leftover circles from my Paper Garland so I wrote a Thanks for Coming note and done! (And, yes, I was a little stingy requesting people take only one per household. Busted.)

Time Capsule

Again, huge nod to The Mac’s One Year In a Flash party…I loved her idea of the time capsule. I sent out an archival paper in each invitation for guests to fill out and bring to the party with a special note or prayer for Jack to read on his 18th birthday. I set out a cookie jar for people to drop in the cards and any other photo or item of today. I printed out extras for those that may have forgotten their card  and our trusty iPad served as a little slideshow of Jack’s first few days. I’m ordering an official time capsule case (as opposed to the cookie jar ;-)) and, once I receive all the cards from out of town family and friends, I’ll organize it all, place photos in baggies, etc and we’ll seal it up. Pretty fun idea seeing as how he probably won’t have any memories of the parties being so young. I’m sure it will be an exciting thing for him to open and read 17 years from now and, Lord willing, we’ll be there to open it with him. :)

Photo Booth

As part of Jack’s time capsule, I really wanted to capture all the people that came to his party but in a fun way. I know photo booths are common at weddings but also found them to be a great idea for a kid’s party…especially one where the kid doesn’t do a whole lot (sorry bud, you’re cute, but there’s not much going on at a kid’s first birthday party). So, anyway, for the chalkboard signs, Jon went and bought an 1/8″ plywood sheet from Home Depot. I drew the shapes that I wanted and he ever so kindly (in the yucky heat of the Texas summer) jigsawed the shapes out. I sanded them down and painted them with chalkboard paint and then hot glued them to some dowel rods on clearance from Hobby Lobby. Using card stock, I cut out different shapes based on photos online of mustaches, lips, glasses, bow ties, etc and hot glued those to smaller dowel rods. Throw in a backdrop, some bubbles and a few silly props from the party store and you’ve got yourself a photo booth.

Um, and I was definitely a total sewing nerd and made a matching outfit for the party. For any seamstresses out there reading, I used the Knot Shorts Tutorial from Elsie Marley’s blog and modified the waistband to be an elastic maternity waistband (like from this DIY Maternity tutorial). The necklace is based on the Anthropologie knock-off Akela Necklace tutorial from Flamingo Toes. I didn’t have enough fabric to do a full version w/flowers so I just sewed grey ribbon to what I could make.

(And I found a clearance $1 shirt at Target for Jack that happened to be grey and orange tie-dye. Score!)

Overall, I spent about $100 on decoration supplies, plates, napkins, etc and then we spent around $50 for food/drinks. Tight budget but we stuck to our guns as best we could and came out with some great memories and fun photos/cards for his time capsule.  ;-)

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  1. This is unreal, girl. You are amazing. And the photo booth props? Totally BRILL.

  2. Amber Holdridge

    Ok…ok…I mean for real? I can’t believe you put all this together! And your preggo! You are super creative Bre. Happy, happy birthday to your sweet boy! And I am sorry we missed you guys too! It was a short but sweet trip. We will definitely call when we are in the area!! Let us know if you are ever in Brenham :)

  3. WOW! So very creative even some of it was borrowed ideas, the implementation was spectacular!!

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