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Baby Moon version 2.0

This pregnancy has definitely flown by faster than the first…prob due to the energy-bunny known as Jack. :) With all the busyness of raising our rambunctious, sweet boy and Jon’s work, we were really hoping we’d get a chance to do another baby moon or at least a one night getaway before Liv joins us…but just weren’t sure it’d happen. My mom very sweetly (and eagerly) agreed to take Jack for us. Now, could I actually let him go? Well, it was very, VERY, VERY hard but I did it…we did it. I only cried 3 times total (that’s not bad, right? esp with being pregnant ;-)) and Jon may or may not have got a little verclempt too. But we survived and reunion was sweet. :) Thank you again to my mom for taking Jack but I know she enjoyed every bit of it.

Here’s some pictures from our time. We stayed at the lovely Wildwood Inn in Denton as we didn’t want to go too far from home with me being 36 weeks. It was the perfect distance and place to stay to feel like we got away without having to do a ton of travel.

After checking in to our beautiful room (and ogling over the jacuzzi tub), we headed out to Sanger so Jon could experience The Tomato – my favorite pizza place in college. Sadly, they burned down in 2007 but have now reopened so after the many trips to Round Table (Jon’s CA fave), I was excited for Jon to see my pizza place. He really enjoyed it and we met and talked with some nice locals as well. Afterwards, I took Jon on the Bre’s-life-in-college tour and we drove by the Fry house and then got ice cream at Beth Marie’s on the square. With the twinkle lights up in the trees and a beautiful cool breeze in the air, it was the perfect way to start to unwind for our 2-night stay.

By around 10, though, I realized it’s the time we normally go in and check on Jack and as a result, burst into tears crying, “It’s time to go see buddy and we can’t!!!!! Who’s idea was this anyway?!?!?! Wahhhhhhh!” But after Jon gently reminded me that it was (oh yeah) my idea…I finally calmed down and we got a good night’s sleep.

In the morning, we tried out a local spot for breakfast (the B&B had a continental breakfast but not filling enough for this preggo) and then went to the Shops at Highland Village to walk around until our movie started. We ended up sitting in the Barnes & Noble for an hour and a half reading magazines (him woodworking, me sewing) which sounds so lame but was heavenly. (It’s the little things) It was so nice outside that we decided to skip the movie and just keep walking around the shops. We found and bought a new puzzle for Jack and kept seeing what seems like a million little boys every where we went. Our code saying was ‘uh oh, don’t look’ which of course made the other look and see whichever cute little boy was in our midst to remind us of our sweet little one. Plus, my mom would send us picture updates and had, at that moment, told us he had found a picture of us on one of her shelves and was carrying it around with him. Cue crying session #3,402. haha But I pulled it together and we grabbed some lunch and visited with old friends at The Village Church offices.

Our view at breakfast

Walking by a store called Jack's Outfitters...he was everywhere!

One of the picture updates we got from Gemma...sweet boy

We then headed back to our B&B to enjoy the beautiful pool and spa. There was hardly anyone else staying there so no one was around. The pool water was too cold though and the hot tub wasn’t on but they got it going so we were able to get in for a little bit before it got too hot which was nice for me and my preggo belly.

36 week Liv and daddy

After drying off and resting a bit, we headed out for dinner at Giuseppe’s then coffee and dessert at another local stop. Overall, a wonderful and relaxing day but we were eager to see our Bud in the morning! :) We woke up rested but still enjoyed a leisurely morning with Jon watching tv while I took my last of practically 15 baths in the tub (really only 3). We grabbed lunch at The Greenhouse then met mom to get Jack. He was banging on the glass of the Starbucks wall (lovely I know) staring out and it took him a second to realize it was us walking up but when he did he had the biggest grin. :) Now, we’re back home and resting and ready to kick it all back into gear tomorrow. Liv will be here before we know it but we are so thankful for this time to hit pause and just rest. Hope everyone had a great weekend.


J + B + j


Reason #276 Why We Love Our Neighborhood

We’ve lived in the Oak Cliff area for over a year now and love it just as much as we did day one. It’s like a separate small town just 5 minutes from the big city. When you enter North Oak Cliff, it’s like you’re driving into a totally different place from the city. With huge Oak trees everywhere, curvy hills (yes, hills!), and adorable, well-preserved old homes lining the street, how could you not. The quaint Bishop Arts District is a 3-minute drive away with delicious one-of-a-kind restaurants and locally-owned shops for our enjoyment. And I can’t leave out the fabulous Urban Acres where we get our bi-monthly organic produce, pastured meats, and more.

One of my favorite things about living in Oak Cliff is our neighborhood “mom’s club” called RECPTA. It is a group for North Oak Cliff parents of young children and has been a great way to meet others as well as keep up-to-date on things going on the internet and even offers a mini-neighborhood-only-craigslist type of forum. I haven’t even really been able to get as involved as I’d like with having had Jack last summer and, with Liv due next month, I’m sure it’ll still be a little longer but I look forward to meeting more fellow moms and helping more in the community. All this to say…they hosted a fun Popsicle party last week and we made sure to stop by even if only for a little bit. Jack got to meet a few ‘friends’ as mommy did the same. Hopefully we will get to meet even more playmates in the future. In the meantime, enjoy the pics!

Boy Math: Water + Dirt = Mud

I offered Jack a popsicle but he declined so I ate 2 for the both, er, three of us. Oops.

We had lots of fun…thanks RECPTA!

Well-Watered Garden

I’m 33 weeks now and, for whatever reason, feeling much more uncomfortable this pregnancy than the last. Jon kindly ventured a guess that it’s because I haven’t exercised as much this time (mainly due to the insane heat we’ve been having and that I have a toddler) but one of my guesses is my inability to take baths this pregnancy. Who’s right? Probably Jon but let’s not dwell on that. ;-)

We love, love, LOVE our rental house in every way except that there’s no tub. I know, first world problem, uh? But if you know me at all then you know I love a good bath….like, nightly. Well, my good friend, Christine, is a total doll and has let me come over a couple of times now to soak. But, not only did she let me just borrow her tub…she practically turned her bathroom into a spa. Now, that’s a friend! Had to share a few (appropriate, I promise) pictures of Spa de Bailey. :)

Fill 'er up, please.

Beautiful lit candles

A folded towel waiting for me

Don't be fooled...It may say size small but I feel as big as a whale right now


And my favorite part was the framed Scripture on the counter which, although I’m sure meant for much deeper spiritual things than my desire to take a bath, really applied to me at that moment. It’s definitely been sun-scorched in this here north Texas land and my frame sure is in need of strengthening. But most of all, thank you Jesus, that we are like a spring whose waters never fail. I have so needed this encouragement as I mentally, emotionally, and spiritually prepare for Liv’s birth…and as this pregnancy gets more and more uncomfortable. He will satisfy all my needs and will never fail me. Such a timely and refreshing reminder for my soul when I was only wanting a refresh for my body.


P.S. – Thank you, Christine, for not only opening your home but your tub. :)