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Special Days

Dear Jack (Buddy, Buster, Booty (yes, we call you booty…so sue us)),

I sit here on the eve of your little sister’s due date reflecting on our short, but wonderful, 15 months together as just you, me and daddy. I can’t believe your sister is almost here and that our family dynamics will change once again. It is a bittersweet feeling for your mama. Your daddy welcomes change much more readily than I do. And don’t get me wrong. I am very excited to meet your sister…I just tend to “grieve” in a way the previous chapter before embracing the next. :) As a way of doing that, and since you probably won’t remember, I wanted to recount one of our typical days for you (& for us). It’s a collection of photos from different days but sums up what we do.

First, you wake up around 7:30 or so and talk to yourself a little until daddy comes in to get you. Your daddy is very sweet to mama and lets me sleep in a little extra in the morning, especially as Liv starts taking more and more of my energy. You play in the kitchen while daddy gets your bottle ready and he makes his own “bottle” – his morning latte. Then, you lay on your pillow next to daddy and welcome the morning. (I had to sneak out of bed one morning so I could make sure there were pictures of this special time of just you and him) :)

Then, mommy gets up and makes breakfast while daddy gets ready for his work day. You either find something to play with (like the books in the sewing room or hiding in the kitchen) or occasionally fuss to be held so you can see the cooking that’s going on. (We prefer the first option ;-))

Once breakfast is ready, we all sit at the table and give you pieces of our bacon and toast and yogurt. Bacon is your favorite of course since you are a Taylor. It’s actually the 5th word you learned to say and you shocked us when you first said it. We were the proudest parents ever (still are).

After breakfast, we wish daddy a great day at work and wave bye-bye to him from the screen door (pant less of course).

Now, it’s play time. We usually start in the living room with your ball or soft blocks. You also love looking out the side windows at the birds that sit on our neighbor’s house oohing and ahhing. Yesterday, tupperware was your play thing of choice including wearing it as a hat. :)

Eventually, we move into the other rooms so I can do the dishes from breakfast and a few other things around the house. If I don’t keep my eye on you, though, you’ll find plenty to get into such as your little sister’s diapers. :sigh:

By the time we clean everything up, it’s nap-time. We get a bottle ready, make sure we have owlie, and you lay down for a nice siesta. While you sleep, mommy fixes her lunch, gets a few things done and, if she’s lucky, even rests some before you wake up and are ready to go again. Lately, you’ve been waking up kind of grumpy and want to be held for a little bit but you’re rarely a cuddler so I secretly love this time with you. Once you’re back to your normal, happy self we get to playing again. You love to play with your ‘house’ opening and closing the door, raising the window up and down, and dancing to the songs it sings. You also love to look at all your board books in your room…especially your lift-the-flap Bible and touch-and-feel alphabet book.

You’re also starting to get the shape sorting games and love playing with those and your wooden toys too. One of your favorite things though is making mommy look as silly as possible.

Sometimes we run errands (either in the morning or after your nap) to exciting places like Target or even the park or other days we just stay in, especially lately so that mommy can rest as much as possible before Liv arrives. Yesterday, we popped in a movie that was new to you but one of mommy’s favorites. 101 Dalmations. You loved it! I’ve never seen you sit and watch something as long as you did….not that that is the best thing in the world (staring at the tv) but with a tired momma, it was much-appreciated. Plus, you cuddled with me and Liv almost the whole time. Bonus.

That is, until Christine brought over Liv’s lamb seat that we’re borrowing…then, you abandoned me for the new comfy chair…but I don’t blame ya. It does look pretty comfy.

After tv/movie/mommy rest time, we try to go on a walk now that the weather is nicer. You love to wave as you ride in your stroller and point to all the neat things you see like kitty cats.

Or sometimes we play on the porch or run around outside eating picking up rocks and sticks.

After that, we come inside so mommy can start dinner and, soon after, daddy has come home. As soon as you hear the alarm chime of the screen door, your face lights up and you run to the back door. Daddy sweeps you up as soon as he can and it’s swing-Jack-upside-down-and-all-around time or some other crazy wrestling moves.

Once dinner is ready, we sit down to the table again and enjoy a nice meal together and laugh at your crazy meal antics. When you first got your straw sippy cup, you’d drink and spit out your water right away but you’re starting to get the hang of it lately.

Once dinner is done, it’s night night time for you. We get you all changed, look at a book or two then have prayer time with your prayer lamb. Then, while turning off the lights, we sing You Are My Sunshine and turn on Turtle who shines the stars on to the ceiling. You love to touch turtle and even said Turtle for the first time the other day (your 7th word).

Such a big, growing boy we have. For the most part, you fall asleep after finishing your bottle but sometimes you want to see Turtle again and cry for another visit from one of us. By 8 or so, you’re asleep and we get some mommy and daddy time. We always come in to see you though before we go to bed and, every now and then, you wake up at that time and give us some wonderful cuddly hugs.

Well, that’s a day in the life of you, our sweet Jack, at 15 months old. :) You’re a busy boy who loves to run and play, push things around, play with mommy and daddy and grow, grow, grow. We love you so much and will never forget this small, but meaningful, chapter in our life as a family of just us three. Come on, Liv, it’s time for you to join in on the fun! ;-)


Your mommy and daddy