about us

IMG_9148 copyWelcome to our small part of the blogosphere.  I (Bre) am a wife first, mommy second, and a crafty creative third! I’m also a doTERRA essential oils consultant so if you’ve found my blog via oil searching, please feel free to visit my site here or contact me at bretaylor at mac dot com (<-obviously type it in the proper email way ;-)).

STITCH is where I share about my creative aspirations and sewing projects. Jon is my amazing husband who is an IT Consultant for Kinetic Technology Group (they work with Apple computers so they’re the cool kind of IT guys ;-)).

NOURISH is Jon’s page where he shares about our quest to eat healthier and more nourishing food (and I will hopefully start sharing things that I learn as we go as well).

We also share about our everyday adventures (mainly for our out-of-town family and friends) in the main part of the blog. We hope to grow the blog into a more organized site where our everyday excursions with healthy eating, frugal living, and creative aspirations are easier to find so bear with us if it’s still kind of difficult to navigate.

Why Humpty Was Pushed? That is the name for what will hopefully be my future sewing label. I have sold a few things on etsy, am working on pattern/baby clothes ideas, and even had labels made but still need a little more time to pursue it more. Prayers are appreciated as it is a passion I’d love to expand on.

Hope you enjoy!


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