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Party Details Link Love

All the parties for Jack’s birthday are finally done! We had three! Whew! They were each great in their own way and it was so wonderful to celebrate our sweet boy’s first year of life and thank everyone that has been a support to us. I wanted to just take a minute to share how I made some of the party decorations. I got a lot of sweet compliments on them but I must admit, they were all ideas taken borrowed from other blogs (including color scheme (->especially this one: The Mac’s One Year In A Flash). So check out the party decoration link love after the jump!

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holy smokes, it's October!

Scratch that…it’s almost halfway through October! Man, this year has gone by fast. At least, in hindsight, it feels that way. Jon and I realized the other day we’ve been back in Texas longer than the length of time we were in California. We miss California and family there and we’re excited to go for a Thanksgiving visit. Thank you to both sets of parents for airline mile and money gifts so that we can visit!! :)

Speaking of moving from Texas to California, we have another family member who made the move recently — Sumatra (or Sumi for short). Sumi is Jon’s brother Chris and his wife Janelle’s dog. (That was hard to word) Anyway, Chris and Janelle moved their family out into the country and a neighbor’s small poodle was picked up by a hawk while the lady was walking it!! Yikes! So they were getting concerned that the country life might be unsafe for Sumi. After a (hopefully) non-traumatic flight to Texas, Jon and I picked up Sumi from DFW and she’s grown accustomed to “the city life” quite well.

Sumi is being "all ears"

Sumi being "all ears"

In other news, I got my wisdom teeth out about a month ago. Bleh is all I have to say about that. Overall, it wasn’t too bad but the first day was definitely the worse. The anesthia was wearing off so I could start to feel pain but my mouth was still too numb to even drink water so I couldn’t take my pain meds. It was quite the painful catch 22. Jon was good enough to take a pic of me right after surgery. :-P ;-)

Ouch :(

Ouch :(

Jon later crushed my pill into water once I was finally able to drink. But when I could finally take the pills on my own, I got sick so I couldn’t keep anything down. It was pretty miserable but a big thank you to Jon and my parents for helping take care of me. :)  The next few days after that were pretty good until a dry socket started to form. Fortunately, my doctor said we caught it pretty early so it only hurt for a few days. Now I just have to clean out “the bat cave” (as Jon likes to call it) after every meal. Not sure how long it’s going to take to fill in but hopefully not much longer.

On the work front, the Apple store is doing good. Busy as all get it out and the holiday season hasn’t even started yet. Yikes! :) I led my first workshop last night and I thought it went well. Got a lot of positive feedback from those that attended so hopefully I can do more and officially join the workshop team soon. Jon’s company Kinetic is rocking it! They’ve gained a few more clients recently and are just continuing to grow. Take that recession! :)

Cute nerdy husband alert! :)

Cute nerdy husband alert! :)

Our debt snowball is on pause right now as we build up savings. We have new renters in the Keller house and they will (fingers crossed) be buying the house in late Spring. In the meantime, we’re living like no one else so later, well, we can live like no one else. :) Love to everyone and I’ll try to update our blog a little more with everyday goings-ons…or however that’s spelled.

Much love!

J + B

Oh and here’s some updated pics of our condo. Our landlord came over and took some great shots (and put a fire in the fireplace)! Now we have to just get out and buy wood so we can make a real one. ;-)

ER103 LR1ER103 LR3

ER103 LR4ER103 DRER103 BR

hello friends

What’s the latest and greatest with you??? I seem to have asked that last post but have yet to hear a peep out of a lot of you. tsk tsk ;-) Although, yes, Courtney, we need to update so tsk tsk on us. :)

The latest with us…….drumroll please……………….. I got a job!!!!! Praise the Lord! “Where, Bre, where?”

Uh, the mothership!!!! a.k.a Apple!



We are so excited. :) I’m done with training and am now on the floor. And, no, I can’t get you a discount, and, no, I can’t tell you anything about any Apple rumors b/c I don’t know anything myself. Sorry, but I love my job and I’d like to keep it my job. :) But much love you to you all anyway. :)

Other than that exciting news, we’ve just been paying off more debt (Yes!) and sold our car which eliminates a huge chunk of our debt. Yay!!!!! Then we paid cash for a clunker. That’s Dave Ramsey‘s version of Cash for Clunkers. Heck yeah!! What’d we get? I’m glad you asked. Meet Sylvia the Silver Bullet!


She’s in amazing shape! Her 2 previous owners babied her and have all the maintenance records to prove it. She’s iPod ready and has great AC which makes her Jon and Bre ready. So, thank you for your prayers. We ask that you keep praying for a new renter in our Keller house. We might/should be moving over to the Dallas area soon to be closer to work and the Village’s dallas campus so we’ll update more on that soon.

Stay tuned for a health blog Jon is working on. He’s reading an awesome book called Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. Check it out!! It has tons of great info on proper health that’s worked over the ages and there’s also a ton of recipes.

Much love!

J + B

I didn't even mean to block the whole word but how cool that Bre is showing behind us

I didn't even mean to block the whole word but how cool that my name is behind us?!

Happy Summer

Happy 4th of July everyone!


Haven’t updated in a while so wanted to fill everyone in on our going-ons (not really a word but who cares). I feel like not much has changed except just praying for different job opportunities for Bre than the last update. I (Bre) had some great opportunities and interviews but was not the right fit for those jobs. We know God is in control and will bring the right job along. I did get a call for an interview with the mothership (a.k.a. Apple) and hope to go in soon for that job. Jon is doing great at Kinetic and their clients are keeping them busy.

On the Dave Ramsey front, we’ve paid off our 2nd credit card last week! Woohoo!! We’ve still got a long way to go but we’re making progress! :) We found out our renter is moving out of the Keller house which is kind of a bummer but we’ll hopefully have a new tenant in there by Aug or Sept so please be praying for that. I (Bre) have started a bible study with my friend Sara and we are studying through the life of David (a study taught by Priscilla Shirer, Beth Moore, and (my personal fave!) Kay Arthur). Sweet!

My mom came in last weekend and we scored some free sweet suite tickets to the Rangers game which was awesome. Our friends, Amanda and Todd, joined us. Here’s some pics from that and the fun fireworks show.

How is everyone else doing??? Leave some comments! Share!!

Much love!

J + B






It's halfway through April already!

Wow time flies when you’re havin’ fun. And yet I feel like it’s soooo slow when you’re unemployed although that’s about to change. I am starting a temp, part-time job on Monday which will be good.  We’re still praying for a full-time job to come my way. Jon’s been busy, busy with Kinetic since we got back which has been great. (Their website’s being worked on but it will be up soon)

I feel like we need to update but there’s just not been a ton going on. The insane pollen count has not been treating us well. I’ve been in bed a lot with sinus headaches but we’re finally starting to feel better. We’ve been spending time with my family here in Fort Worth and in WF and hope to start hanging out with more of our friends now that we’re settled in. Probably the main thing going on is just Jon working, me job-hunting, and us getting “gazelle intense” on the Dave Ramsey plan.

If you haven’t heard about it already, you should definitely learn about AND ATTEND the Town Hall for Hope going on this Thursday night at a location near you.

“What is it?” I’m glad you asked. :)

Town Hall for Hope is your opportunity to sit down with people in your community for a nationwide town hall meeting led by Dave Ramsey. Thousands of venues across the country will host the event, broadcasting Dave’s live presentation. In the opening half hour, Dave will offer straight talk about the economy, recession, foreclosures and more. He’ll carefully explain where we’ve come from, where we are now, and what we should be doing with our money during this time. Then, Dave will spend an hour answering your questions live!

For more information, visit this link: